Splinter Lunch May 2019

Date: 31st May  2019……………………………
Location: Main Beach …………………………..
Hashers: 22…………………………………………..

  Hosts: Carefree & Weekly……………………..

Lunch Pictures…………………………………….

GCHHH Splinter Lunch report May 31st. 2019

Prawns in the Park



Well, we have all heard of “Opera in the Park”, Music in the Park and even Brisbane’s Inn in the Park. But last Friday it was Prawns in the Park, masterminded by Carefree and ex GM Weekly. What a brilliant innovation for a change of location; it was next to Chris Skase’s old pub in beautiful parklands, a superb choice of venue. The weather was just perfect, sun, warm and no wind.


You may notice from the aforementioned that I am currying favour with the two hosts, although as Weekly is now last year’s edition and Carefree has no particular Hash influence, I doubt that I will be ever able to redeem  these brownie points.

I got on bus 704 at Tedder and joined Sir Two Dogs, Sir Rabbit and Sir Botcho, I felt honored to ride the same bus as Hash royalty.  The mob were standing around talking, Carefree advised that Trucky was running late with the trailer for seating. He arrived at 12.30pm and we set up. The mob headed for the shade trees, but Carefree stated that we should set up behind the public toilet block so that any passing cops would hardly notice us. Now that was not a good idea. A bunch of old blokes lurking at the rear entrance of public toilets would surely be more subject to scrutiny than a bunch under the trees. Anyway we went for the trees, after set up and seating, from the road we looked more like a bussed in picnic excursion from a retirement village.
Brisbane visitors were Vaso, ShitBags and Anchovy, all regulars at Splinter. Shat had sunscreen makeup so thick, he looked like a white faced clown from the circus. Sir Ferret was just back after participating in the Guinness record breaking motorhome line up of 9.5 km. at Barcaldine, he must like congestion, perhaps he could fill his retirement days by  taking a daily trip up the M1 to Brisbane at peak hour in the motorhome.
Where were the Main beach locals? S bends and Carefree were the only ones, the other four or so (you know who), were nowhere to be seen.

Slug attended, having just got back from Asia and as usual is off there again in July. BlueCard for God’s sake turned up in his lederhosen. In the greenery of the parklands, he looked like he had come from central casting for a remake of The Sound of Music. Carefree pointed out to Latrine that his polo shirt was inside out, he mumbled some lame excuse, we should have checked to see it his jocks were on back to front – the mind boggles.
The hosts rolled out the oysters, we were assured they were “Sydney Rocks”  by Carefree, who as we know is a “top shelf” bloke, nothing but the best, demonstrated by his new Mercedes #2 which replaced new Mercedes #1 about 3 months old, but that is another story.
Then came the prawns, they were really huge, fresh and delicious straight off the trawler. We were issued with a first plate, was it six or twelve? anyway it  was plenty, with top ups after that, plus salad and fresh bread and butter, the perfect way to eat prawns.

I sat next to Latrine who had prepared his special sauce with chili. It was eagerly consumed and twice he refilled the bowl by reaching under the table where he had the ingredients stowed and mixed it on the spot. He would do well in MY Kitchen Rules. Shat and Sir Rabbit were catered for with fish, not being prawn eaters.

Sir Botcho called a short circle and after stacking up the tables etc. some diehards adjourned to the bar across the street overlooking the Broadwater. I made an exit at that point. In all a lovely day.


Brengun – Scribe for the day.

Weekly and Carefree and were planning today’s lunch, having a very deep conversation.

Weekly says to Care Free.

” I think that I’m about 74 years old and I’m full of aches and pains

Care Free you’re about my age I think. How do you feel?”

“I feel just like a new born baby mate.

“That’s not fair Care Free! Do you really feel like a new born baby ? ”

“Yep! Mate. “No Hair, no teeth, and I think I just wet my pants”

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