Run 2169…Hare: S Bends

Date: 27th May  2019……………………………
Location: Main Beach …………………………..

Run Pictures…………………………………….

S Bends Birthday


The evening that had been much anticipated finally arrived. The Pack gathered at S BENDS modest mansion in Main Beach to set off on a real estate tour of the Gold Coast’s hidden gem with the promise of a feats to come. They would not be disappointed.

First the tour which took us around the perimeter of the suburb, through McIntosh Park, a brief flirtation with a beach vista and back. The ever diminishing Runners Pack did something similar.

Our Booze Masters were excelling as usual and S BENDS had found some Yarpie beer that seemed quite drinkable and was well priced @ $1.

Then came the feast of hot South African delicacies followed by curly sausage, great salads and special spicy sauce. Names bandied around were Mandela’s Dick, Train Smash etc. This was backed up by a strange but tasty dessert of melted ice cream with Maltesers and Tia Maria which was termed Don Pedro . Rumour has it that this was Mandela’s evening meal when he was incarcerated on Robben Island for 20+ years. The meal was prepared by Ms S BENDS with Chef SWEATHOG and portion control by KB.

After the feast the GM ICEMAN was again on the job and called the Pack into the Circle.

Nosh Report was offered by ROCKHARD – 8.7/10

Run was a combination from PEPE, ARSENIC, LATRINE which covered bridges, tunnels, the Marriott and ranked 9/10.

Walk was by JIGSAW and got 9.5/10 for good marking and a beach view.

It would seem all of these marks were influenced by Tia Maria and later Van der Hum, a unique SA liquor.

Visitors were:

Busted Arm, Grey Ghost, Blackbeard and Zoran.

VD was presented with his eating equipment which he mislaid last week.

JIGSAW was charged for walking when he should have been running.

RA SPV had seen MISSING LINK get into a yellow BMW during the Run. This turned out to be PHANTOM’S as he cruised up to the ON ON.

Sir TWO DOGS got a mention for some indiscretion

SWINDLER got the blame for scaring an angry old lady on the Monday Ride.

ROCKHARD for missing a turn while finding his way the weekend Birthday Event, SIR RABBIT for missing the whole of Friday night by arriving in Kyogle in error, MISCARRIAGE for arriving without his wife who was on the phone to SPV asking where he was, TRUCKIE for being a firebug. If your name was not mentioned don’t fret. SPV will find you eventually.

Then came POW.

Regular attendees will remember that the previous week POW was not awarded due to lack of a suitable candidate/s.

This was all resolved as there were now 4 worthy recipients. In the end BLUECARD was awarded the Prick due to his shameless over promotion of his birthday over recent weeks, which culminated in him having the event over the border in Cockroach Country on the eve of the State of Origin Game. Shame, Shame!


Once again the evening was completed with a rousing version of our Song led by KWAKKA.


A great night S BENDS!

Sad that you are now having to vacate the building!


History of Main Beach

The Main Beach area is defined by the narrow coastal dune between the sea and the mouth of the Nerang RiverNarrowneck formed the southern boundary and to the north a spit of sand terminated in a break or bar between the Broadwater and the sea. A natural basin for boats existed at the mouth of the river.


During the early years in which Southport was the urban centre of recreational activity at the coast, visitors were ferried across the Broadwater to surf at the Main Beach so named because it was the main surf beach for the town of Southport. The area became more popular following the construction of the Jubilee Bridge in 1926 when land was taken up and holiday houses were constructed. Some guest houses were also constructed but little or no permanent population was located in the area. Some evidence remains of the areas early popularity as a surfing beach in the beachfront planting and the kiosk and shelter shed from 1934.

The construction of the Sundale Bridge and the deviation of highway to the west of Main Beach in the late 1960s was preceded in the 1950s by early reclamation of the Nerang River to the west of the earlier subdivision and the area centred on Tedder Avenue dates only from that time. A different subdivision pattern in that portion of Main Beach is the result. Similarly the land to the north of the early subdivision – the sand spit that formed one bank of the bar – was only recently developed. Until the 1870s and 1880s the only activity in this area was limited to facilities associated with the Southport Yacht Club and other maritime activities.

Its use is still limited although resort hotels and theme parks now occupy the land. Revegetation of the Southport Spit followed the construction of the Gold Coast Seaway and gives particular character to this area and acts to link the more intensively developed area to the south with the open areas of the Broadwater and Southern Moreton Bay. Main Beach property has developed as a high rise area only relatively recently and is focused on the exclusive, luxury car-lined Tedder Avenue which is packed with upmarket eateries and boutiques. It has a sense of more permanent residential neighbourhood than other parts of the high rise coastal strip. The restaurants and coffee shops service this use. Most of the apartment buildings along the foreshore are more modest in scale. The isthmus at Narrowneck acts as a natural barrier to the more intensively developed area to the south.

The Gold Coast Oceanway travels on the seaward side of the Southport SLSC but then diverts inland to travel behind beachfront houses of Main Beach down to Narrowneck. Some local residents would like a new Oceanway pavement constructed along the road reserve between the beachfront houses and the dune area.

A large number of Norfolk Island Pines (Araucaria heterophylla), a conifer that is not native to the area, have been planted on the Main Beach foreshore.


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