Win a carton of Crownies

Show Pony’s new boat is under construction. Name his new Pleasure Palace and be in with the chance to win a carton of cold Crownies.

12 thoughts on “Win a carton of Crownies

  1. Caustic

    Other suggestions

    ‘Too Salty”

    A Bit Fishy

    LBMF (Little Brown F—ing Machine)

    Hanoi Hilton

  2. Crocodile

    How about

    “Divorce Grounds”

    “Hairy Clam”

    “Xiao Hong” – equates to Morning Rainbow but in Pony’s case could be stretched to Morning Glory

    On On


  3. Caustic

    My suggestions are

    5th Time Lucky

    CrushedAsian (pronounced Crustacian)

    Hard up

    Lycra First Tima (pronounced :”Like a 1st timer”)

    Handle Bars

    Slow Boat to China

  4. Kitchen Bitch

    I think it should be called “stable ground” derived from a combination of where a show pony lives and where it will be half the time … a ground!!

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