Run 1808
Date : 25th June 2012
Hare : Josephine
Venue : Sports field, Currumburra Road, Ashmore
Runners 27

Weeks to July– one

Cloud cover – thank god, we were not to be exposed to the ridiculously low temperature of last weeks run. Numbers were up to 27 this week, eagerly anticipating the return of the new GM; Bent Banana. Faces showed traces of concern as hashers recalled Josephine’s burgers on runs past.

The keen runners shouted for a time check as the clock ticked over to 6.15 so without further ado, the GM called off.

Down the back of the grandstand, which wasn’t really grand, to the first of numerous checks, numerous false trails and numerous on backs. The markings were clear and well placed, it was apparent that this was an experienced hare.

We emerged at the rear of Von Bibra on Southport Nerang Road and the pack split at the check, they were reunited on the opposite side of the road and led into bush, through an industrial estate, across more roads and into the bush again. The checks were still evident and kept most of the pack together.

As we ran along a dirt track, the trail dried up but was re-discovered taking us through some chiggy. On back was called to the lead group, Two Dogs, Flasher, Botcho and Blackie, though they appeared to be suffering from selective deafness and continued to cut off a healthy chunk of the trail.

We were re-united with the lead group opposite Bunnings on Olsen Avenue where once again the trail had to be unearthed after a cleverly misleading check.
Showing complete disrespect for the efforts for the Hare, Flasher and Botcho made their own trail home, whilst the rest of us continued through the catholic estate re-emerging onto Southport Nerang Road and on home.

A very good run was suddenly enhanced by the image of Sir Rabbit preparing the food. This turned out to be a lamb and yam vindaloo dopiaza (double onions I am informed) accompanied with a slice of raisin toast pretending to be a peshwari naan! T A truly pukka curry; this is why we are called the gourmet hash.

Circle was called by the GM who, with Josephine as a private audience, launched into an extensive introduction outlining his likes, dislikes, two future gifts – a Pizza plug and a Caustic curse???

Josephine was identified as the person solely responsible for the selection of the new GM and jnformed that ANY criticism of the GM over the next year would result in a Down Down for Josephine.
Once the shock had registered, Josephine took his DD and was then recalled for another with other members of last years Hierarchy. Thanks were expressed for all their efforts last year and then the new Hierarchy “Banana’s Bunch” were welcomed. Once again Rectum was singled out for praise with the Harsh words.
(keep this up and I will be unconstitutionally keeping the position next year)

That done, the hare Josephine was called out (notice the recurring theme) for another DD. Botcho remarked that the run was excellent and well marked, a score of 8/10 was awarded.

Sir Rabbit was similarly awarded 8/10 by Flasher for the “good food”

Down Downs –

Visitors – Testicles/Shredder/Michael

Botcho/Flasher for excessive emails regarding the upcoming appearance of Flasher on the hot seat (16.55hrs 11th July 2012)

Cum Smoke – ridiculous shoes (again)

Missing Link was invited into the circle and told a story about shopping in Bali, then informed us that Cum Smoke had made him redundant by selling a mowing round. This combined with the girls shoes, gave Two Dogs no choice but to award Cum Smoke with POW.

Blackie addressed the circle and informed all, that once we are back to 30 runners the food budget will be upped to $120, until then it will remain at $100 with receipts supplied or $50 with no receipts – you have been warned.

Next weeks run – Rainbow – bring a buddy night @ Helensvale Tavern (could be a few struggling with that theme)

Circle concluded in his own inimitable fashion by Moonbeams.

Thanks to both Josephine and Sir Rabbit, a lot of time and effort put in behind the scenes.

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