Run 1983

Date: 2/11/5015

Run: 1983

Location: Bundall

Hare: Circumference


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The pack gathered behind the GCCC at Evandale where although billion dollars of development is planned. someone still can’t change a light bulb.
Best plans often come unstuck but you don’t know until you go there. So Plan A was to get the walkers away early and hopefully get them back in good time so the nosh would still be warm. The runners took their final instructions and headed off towards Gold Coast racing headquarters. In an unpredictable turn of events, the trail went the opposite direction to normal and some hashers found themselves wandering around the Harvey Norman car park. However they were still keeping in with the racing theme as Mr Harvey only owns about a thousand of the thoroughbreds. Blackie was first home by several lengths. Two Dogs reported that several hashers hit the wall after the run went past the 3200 metre mark and struggled home.
Pre dinner nibbles and cold drinks revived the thirsty runners while we waited and waited for the walkers to finally dribble in one by one from their watering hole. Anyhow finally the now cold chicken burgers and salads were served under torchlight due to some pretty ordinary lack of lighting maintenance. Those still needing food lined up for servings of sweets consisting of of leftover Sir Rabbit donated cakes, strawberries and ice cream.
A well lit area was found near the BBQ’s and our visiting GM, Rug, returning after a 6 week absence commenced the circle. Even our official RA, referred to Rug as the RA by mistake. Circumference was called out as the hare and the GM got critique on the nosh by well known social commentator, Blue Card. His suggestion to Circumference was that he needs to get himself a woman so that the standard of the nosh for his consumption would improve. Circumference in quick response shot back at Blue Card, who has obviously been off the dating scene for awhile, stated that some of today’s modern career women are not much chop in the kitchen or for that matter the bedroom. To even think that some women would want to cook for hashers these days is just wishful thinking and a bonus for those with partners that actually do !
Caustic called out Fuller Shit for some Border Patrol incident but what was even more interesting was an alcohol induced Dr Phil show type confession Fuller Shit had made on a tour about his early love life. Apparently his confession included marrying young, then after it went Arse Up(using another returning runner’s name), he went off the rails a bit sowing some wild oats on the way. Most hashers could identify with this account although most of them had been on the normal reverse way of playing up before actually settling down. And others well , they are still in denile elsewhere.
Aussie Botcho got a down down after his former country’s win in the RWC.
Show Pony was mentioned as he in GCUH with health issues and we all wish him a speedy recovery.
The wheeling and dealing of the attempts by M’Latrine to try and close a real estate deal over a few glasses of red during lunch while telephoning a real estate agent, banks. lawyers were included in the review of the October splinter lunch at Cavs Steakhouse.
A hastily organised Melbourne Cup sweep with hashers pulling their own horse out of a hat took place . As most quickly dispersed after Josephine closed the circle, just a reminder to keep your ticket if you want to prove you are a winner. Flasher by his own admission of going on holidays to a third world country was concerned that he wouldn’t know who won the race. Maybe a Trip to Paris would have been a better tip sorry trip !

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