Run 1982


Date: 26/10/5015

Run: 1982

Location: Emerald Lakes, Carrara

Hare: VD & Bent Banana (Halloween theme)


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Under a full moon the pack headed off in a westerly direction towards the Psuedo-Franco Mediterranean art deco inspired residential monstrosity. The trail went past the now relocated statue of David who has moved on from his heyday in Surfers where many a girl admired his features.

With the well marked trail going up and down stairs and around boardwalks, the pack got a real insight into living in a castle surrounded by a moat. Bent Banana in his sweeping role ensured that the walkers and runners went their separate ways during the course of the run. After about 40 minutes the pack returned from an easterly direction after the tour of the complex.
Cold refreshments then took priority including the leftover beer dregs in cans from Octoberfest. No wonder they were leftover, the gold top cans were no where near as good the silver top cans and even beer connoisseur Josephine struggled so much in finishing his can, that he traded his in on a Tooheys while in mid-stream.
As VD had the nosh cooking during the run , it wasn’t long until all were devouring rissoles. vegetables and fresh bread. Then followed dessert which included a compote of blueberries, marshmallows and ice-cream. Miscarriage also supplied some fresh new season Qld pineapple slices.
By the time acting GM, Sir Rabbit, called the circle , most hashers had adorned their ghoulish Halloween themed clobber. Miscarriage was invited to speak on the run. His response was – we went out, around, followed the trail around and around, it was good. Iceman was invited to speak on the nosh. His response was – steak tartare(no egg on top). He then claimed his rissoles were not cooked and looked orange in colour inside. Suddenly VD interrupted with a – you blind vagina (or somewhat similar wording) , they included carrot. Although opinions were divided on the meat, as Iceman thoroughly enjoyed the dessert, the My Kitchen Rules Chief judge and contestant called it a truce.
Sir R announced that the Hash Useless Award would be withdrawn from the GCH3 commencing immediately. Ferrett offered to keep it in his Hash Museum of Memorabila.
The RA entertained the circle with Down Downs going to Flasher ( allegedly farcupping the run ), Blackie (returning world champion triathlete now heading to the paddock for a spell),and Mr Lee for his high vis new shoes. It was reported that Botcho is having 50 cents each way on the outcome of the RWC final when the West Island plays a combined North/South Islands team in the Cross the Ditch Cup.
Iceman had a crack at a joke about sex and tonsillitis which failed to titillate so he also got a down down for his trouble.
There was no Prick of the Week as the current holder Swollen Colon does not leave his post code for hashing, so until we next visit Main Beach, or it comes back in the mail,
there will be a void in the circle for awhile.
In the absence of Moonbeams, we had take one of closing the circle by Ferrett, followed up by take two by Josephine.


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