Run 1984

Date: 9/11/5015

Run: 1984

Location: Chirn Park

Hare: Sir Rabbit & Josephine


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Firstly a bit thank-you to the stand in scribe for the last two weeks, Circumference, whom I believe also had to multi-task last week as scribe, hare and chief cook and bottle-washer. Thanks mate, you’ve done a sterling job during my absence in the Philippines!

And now down to business….tonight’s run, brought to you courtesy of the co-hares, Sir Rabbit and Josephine, started from the Rabbit Warren in Chirn Park and considering that a large number of our members are away in Burma on a motor-scooter ride or otherwise indisposed due to business or pleasure travel, the numbers tonight were quite impressive! Even Swollen Colon turned up tonight and when questioned as to why he was running out of his postcode, his response was “..shit!! I thought this was still 4217!!!”. Also good to see Arse-Up tonight and hopefully he will become a regular attendee also.

The run:

It’s always been said that Josephine always lays a mighty fine run and tonight did not disappoint, with a very diverse range of terrain in what can only be described as a built-up and central area of the Gold Coast. Jigsaw commented “…the council has done a wonderful job…great parks, nice paths…this makes for great running!”. Indeed it did make for great running and despite the assurance that the run was exactly 6.2 km, Two Dogs had it as 7.4 and Jigsaw at 8.00km. There were false trails and an innumerable number of checks on the trail, with Josephine acting as live hare to keep us all on track, which we largely did. It was to be noted that not that many of us actually did the entire run, with many experienced hands deciding to shortcut for various reasons. Missing Link had a good excuse, nursing an injury from his quite serious fall off a bike in the Philippines.

The Nosh:

 Briefly, the nosh was as it should be…simple and tasty…with Sir Rabbit starting us off with two large platters of guacamole dip and corn chips…bloody lovely and it was good to see everyone “scooping in” heartily. Some of the newer runners who had never been to the Rabbit Warren were wandering around in amazement at the array of “collectibles” in the said man-cave!

Mains was copious amounts of Bolognese mince with lettuce and onion for scooping into little burrito platters…a novel yet simple idea that went down a treat! Well done Sir Rabbit!! Dessert consisted of various delicacies of the pastry variety, with the option of ice-cream, cream or custard to wash them down.

Now, to bring back an old tradition….the nosh was rated as 8 ½ out of 10!!

The entertainment:

I have decided to put in this category in my report as it really was a highlight tonight…the entertainment throughout the night was the playing of old videos of long past hash events, including an inter-hash in the 1990’s here on the coast. We all laughed at the sight of some of our brethren back then…it is obvious that Hashing keeps you young!! I would call it the halcyon days of Hashing from the fun that everyone was having back then…most entertaining to watch and again, you are to be congratulated Sir Rabbit for thinking of this.

The Circle:

A quite sedate affair was tonight’s circle as some of the usual culprits (did someone say Flasher???) were absent tonight.

First out the front for a down-down tonight were yours truly and Missing Link as the sole representatives of the wandering cyclists to be back at Hash tonight. Much as he tried, the RA/acting Grand-Master was not successful in extracting information out of either of us regarding the trip…you know the score woof-woof (x2), what happens on tour stays on tour!!

Next out the front for their dose of embarrassment were Nasty and Latrine for the relatively minor misdemeanour of no hats on in circle…nice to see Mme Latrine as a regular attendee both at Hash and the premier cycling troupe, the Warriors.

Swollen Colon was next out the front for a well-deserved down-down for inadvertently attending a run that is NOT in postcode 4217! Whilst on the subject of Swollen Colon, he decided that he would pass on the Prick of the Week award to whomever lost in a game of “spin the bottle” and it ended up being Mme Latrine….oh no…not more alcohol for Mme Latrine… “take me drunk, I’m home!!”.

Out the front came Missing Link for a down-down for having a “quiet night” in Kalibo!! Enough said..well deserved sir!!

A further down-down was given to Mr Lee, Miscarriage’s house-guest from Cambodia…is this man ever going to get to drink out of his new shoes or what???

And on that note…..end of circle!!

Next Week’s run – hare is Swollen Colon – starting from the Velodrome at Nerang and into the forest – we are guaranteed that it will be run of the year!! But wait….Nerang is 4211 not 4217…what’s going on here????

 And for a finale from Swollen Colon….Sir Rabbit has been incessantly complaining about the bats in his trees…well…Swollen Colon certainly put a rocket right up ‘em…literally!!!! This pyromaniac never ceases to amaze!!

 Fanny Charmer

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