Hash Members on Tour

How long has Sir Prince Valiant been on tour? Looks like he has aged a bit since he left our shores for the Royal Wedding. LOL

What do you think? I’m looking for the best comment. Great prize on offer.

Sir Prince and Botcho relaxing before busy concert tour

6 thoughts on “Hash Members on Tour

  1. Now Loved

    Somehow Sir Prince has morphed from a good old southern boy to Wild Bill Hickock in his later and less successful years.Either that or the “hidden” costs of the wedding have really got to him.
    Botcho meanwhile remains a good old southern boy despite coming from the North Island.

  2. Rock Hard

    Poor old Sir Prince, this is what happens when you get handed the bar bill at your son’s wedding. From here it is all down hill until you end up pennyless in a Russian gulag.

  3. Bent Banana

    After being brought up as an orphan, Sir Prince finally meets missing father in London, following 3 weeks searching through Surrey pubs.

  4. KB

    Royal ears are the give away here …. he has been back to see his brother Phil and Liz

    On on

  5. Rug

    Poor Sir Prince. Why do you think I left England, that bloody weather makes anyone shrivel up!

  6. Caustic

    It looks like the wedding has drained him and his wallet

    Makes the rest of us Hashers look good tho !!

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