Run 1753 AGPU 2011

Run: 1753 AGPU
Location: Aussie China Restaurant, Broadbeach
Date: Monday 6th June 2011

New Hierarchy
GM: Shat

RA: Josephine

Trail Master: Veteran

Hash Cash: Blackstump

On Sec: Two Dogs

Booze Masters: Jigsaw & Swollen Colon

I believe there’s only 51 weeks to go, less if I have anything to do with it!

Oh well, I guess you can only run for so long, and I have gone to some extraordinary lengths of recent in avoiding being on the Hierarchy. It’s a bit like “Readers Digest”, you can keep moving, but they’ll get you in the end!

At least the past Hierarchy have duly selected a superb team who will have no trouble in siphoning off.. sorry I meant servicing the member’s funds, and yet again I feel honoured to be a part of such a fine team and preserving my place as the most capped Hierarchy.

Well, it only took them a year but the outgoing Hierarchy finally got it right, mind you I had to leave early and missed the inevitable “deterioration into a total debacle” bit, which every AGPU seems to eventuate in (and initial photos seem to indicate such). Never the less a great night was in store.

The evening started well with nearly 40 very dapper looking types arriving at the riverside venue for canapés and drinks (finally Tooheys Old has returned!). Many of the ranks were seen grovelling to the Hierarchy with their last ditch election campaign pitches, with Pizza, Bent Banana and even Mumbles shortening further in the odds and Crocodile and Jigsaw prevailing in the “planking” competition. Caustic must have slaved all day in his pad next door preparing these goodies.

After our fill it was time to resemble an orderly pack and head to the Casino so we could play rent a crowd at the Atrium Bar (doesn’t anyone else go out on Mondays?). Following a quick ale or two it was still, surprisingly, an orderly departure to the Monorail station to create a record Monday night (since our last visit anyway), exciting the driver as he extracted the funds from Hash Cash, Missing link. Another longer drink stop followed at the Bar on Broadbeach Mall, where Rectum joined us, and we soon managed to clear the remainder of any crowd left. At 7:30pm sharp we were ordered to depart, still a little orderly, and zig zag our way to the awaiting Chinese restaurant.

First on the agenda were a number of the usual awards, which I’ll hopefully bring you in the near future, presided over by the now teary outgoing GM, Flasher (and I thought we just had an awards night?). Following this was the entrées and copious amounts of red wine served by our lovely waitress types. Also, to Point Two’s delight, and contrary to vicious rumours, the beer flowed freely from a very fine selection. But wait there was more, the give-a-ways, bags, jackets and assorted trinkets and a late (and complicated) printing of the Year Book by KB. I could see the makings of a “black hole” being uncovered! By the way a fine feast followed.

Sadly I missed the rest so I’ll have to wait to view the unedited version of the photos to report further, so stay tuned for more exciting reports (bribes being cheerfully accepted). At least I’ve got a year of no runs to set, free lunches, bribes, a new car, a five year Hierarchy exemption and much much more, I can’t wait! Bring on the “Year of the Shat”!
And don’t worry Pizza and Bent Banana I’ll vote for you next year!

That is all from “The Desk”,
On On
Two Dogs

News Flash… New GM Shat goes power crazy on his first day in office Conscripting poor Botcho on to the Hierarchy, promising free breakfasts as a bribe. Subs may have to rise.

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