GCH3 Car Rally 2021

Date: 19th – 21st February 2021…..
Location: Boonah…………………………

Well, the 2021 Magical Mystery tour is over. Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
I would like to thank Truckie for helping to set and check the route, Fanny also for helping to check the route. Dry Spell (Mrs Mad Mike) for putting up with me being away to set route.
In particular, special thanks to Gigie (Mrs Rug) and Victoria (Mrs Fanny) for doing all the purchasing of food and drinks, and the catering for two dinners, and two breakfasts.
Thanks to all who pitched in at the BBQs, the serving of dishes (covid style), the cleaning up afterwards. All the rooms and Units were spotless.
The rally this year was shorter, less questions, less dirt road. Everyone completed this year.
Results are as follows:-
  • All questions answered correctly, in first place Badger, Phone Ranger, Ah Pisto and Legs Kimbo
  • With half question wrong in second place Mr and Mrs Sir Two Dogs
  • With one question wrong in third place Mr and Mrs S-Bends
  • With two questions wrong tied for fourth place Mr and Mrs Dr Death, and Mr and Mrs Sir Jo with Rug.
  • With 3.5 questions wrong in sixth place Mr and Mrs Shat and Mr and Mrs Jigsaw
  • With  4 questions wrong tied for seventh place Mr and Mrs Now Loved and Mr and Mrs Sir Slab
  • With 4.5 questions wrong in ninth place Mr and Mrs Kwakka
  • With 6 questions wrong in tenth place Mr and Mrs Iceman
  • With 7.5 questions wrong in eleventh place the Pink Pussies
  • With 10 questions wrong in twelfth place and wooden spoon Mr and Mrs Caustic
Considering there were 158 questions, this was a good result by all. It means that nobody shortcutted, and did the whole route. Congratulations.
The rally will be on again next year, destination unknown at this time. For those interested, let me know. I already have about 20 sign up.
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Mad Mike

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