Run 2242… Circumference

Date: 22nd February 2021…………………..
Location: Labrador……………………………….

Runners: 28………………………………………….

Circumference, in true Hashing spirit, agreed to step up to the plate and put on tonight’s run at short notice after Caustic pulled out at short notice, despite it being scheduled to be his birthday run.

We started from the car park of the Tiger’s AFL club, a venue discreetly hidden one block back from Brisbane Road near Harbour town. Quite honestly, I had no idea whatsoever that it was even there, despite twenty years on the Gold Coast!! Guess that is what comes from not having any interest whatsoever in AFL, whatever that is…I mean, no such thing as offside? Played on a ground that is a circle? Huh??

Bang on 6.00pm, off we all set, runners and walkers heading off into the depths of Labrador, past what I think was the Dodgers touch footy club. I could stand to be corrected on that one. The walk was of about 4km distance and we meandered through pockets of bushland and behind houses that back onto either Loder’s Creek and Biggera Creek. Again, areas that to me, like others in the pack, were virgin territory! We might well be criticised for being walkers, but the fact is that all of us were runners at one stage and we are all now doing what we can within our limits!! Think about that before you say we’re as weak as piss for walking!!

A few hardy chaps kept running past the walkers, as Circumference had clearly set the run to meander on and off the walking trail. I kept seeing that little bastard Hot Dick more times than I care to think about as he huffed and puffed past us.

Circle took place back at the carpark. No visitors and no returning runners. We were all in a hurry to get into the club for a nosh and a few beers so there were no major incidents, no jokes in the circle, no misdemeanours, and the prick of the week was awarded by me to Jigsaw, for doing a Truckie and forgetting everything tonight, including his phone, his money….in fact everything but his car keys.

Into the club we went and we all lined up to order our meals. Most got the $12.90 steaks, but some of us more adventurous got the rissoles and the lamb. In all, a very enjoyable night was had by all.

Lastly, let’s keep Truckie in our thoughts, as he’s in Pindara Hospital having had a chunk of melanoma taken out of his heel. Apparently he is not going to be all that flash for quite some time. Get well soon mate!

Over and out,

Fanny Charmer,

Substitute to the substitute scribe to the Scribe Nasty.

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