January Splinter Golf & Lunch:Host Botcho

January Splinter Lunch


Location: Helensvale

Host: Botcho

Hashers: 39

Balls and tits were all the go at the annual Botcho January splinter hash. Golf balls were hit in the morning and close examination of freshly renovated breasts made up most of the afternoon’s activities. Thirsty and hungry hashing golfers attacked the cheese, jatz and kabana selection as they scoffed their cold refreshments after their sweat session on the course.
Diners had the choice of three different sized steaks as they parted with their hard earned dollars. Chrissie made an entrance in her Aussie Day bikini and it wasn’t long until she had been persuaded to get her top off quicker than stripper’s knickers. As soon as the freshly sculptured melons were displayed, the visiting Brisbane hashers swooped around them like bees around a honey pot. Not quite sure if semi-nudity is off limits in the State capital these days, but fair dinkum, you would think these blokes had just got out of a long stretch jail they way they behaved at the sight of naked breasts (the camera does not lie). Rather interesting to see some of our local cross dressing hashers swoop on her top and wear it around for awhile(again the camera does not lie).
As it was time for the entrée to be served, Kristy was able to pry herself away from the Brisos and she assisted Aussie in serving. Aussie still enjoying himself from the previous day’s celebration of the nation’s party was sucking on his VB tallies between his waiter duties. A few late arrivals like Moonbeams and
Iceman were just in time to get their servings. A shower of rain steamed up the barbies but Sir Botcho and his assistants battled on to cook up the steaks. It wasn’t long till they were served with sauces, chips, breads and salad. Plenty of wines were now being poured and the focus turned to the fine dining of the meal. Actually Chrissie was left alone for five minutes so she too could enjoy a feed.  Then it was the GC hashers turn to pass the parcel and Chrissie’ tits got bounced around again even by herself in a tity boogie road test which certainly made sure the boobs will go the distance much better than the last set of retreads she had inserted. Just goes to show again that the Aussie product is more reliable than some cheaper offshore imitation, even when it comes to tit implants.
Dessert consisting of pavlova and lots of cream compliments of Truckie was next up. As usual by this time, all hashers were well and truly full from the fine dining provided by Sir Botcho. Caustic Crusader’s team were declared the winners of the golf competition and accepted their trophy. Moonbeams gave all a medical report update on Showpony and Mad Mike was welcomed back after his recent health issue. Cum Smoke, another late arrival, was asked to remove his motor vehicle from Sir Botcho’s driveway where he had decided to park instead of on the street like everyone else.
As light showers of rain began falling, hashers began departing in various hastily organised car pools.Fanny Charmer had a full car as it departed for the trip back to eastern side of the GC. All onboard agreed that the 2017 edition of Sir Botcho’s annual splinter lunch had been another fine event.
Yours in hashing

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