Run 2050…Hare: Hierarchy

Run 2050

Run: 2050


Location: Hope Island

Hare: Hierarchy

Hashers: 35

In a world first for hashing the GC hash went 3 weeks into the future
with its runs. Hopefully the successful lotto numbers in 3 weeks time
will also be available and we can put them on and clean up when we
revert back into the past. This Monday evening turned out to be an
absolute beauty in more ways than one. Finely the humidity dropped and
was replaced by cooling sea breezes. Then a great milestone party was
celebrated by all who attended. Unfortunately, our guest hasher,
Showpony, couldn’t make it and we are all thinking of him as he battles
through his illness.  In his absence, Shetland, son of Showpony, fronted
and ran the legs off most hashers on the run.

The regular run and walk were just simple time passing events for those
wanting to get a thirst up and appetite for what lay ahead of them.
First up was a slab of Budweiser leftover from President Don’s
inauguration party which the booze masters had sourced online. The
kitchen department had opened and cheese,Jatz and kabana were served.
Next up in the beers were the traditional Aussie brands which were so
popular, that Bent Banana had to make a pub visit and get some extra
supplies. Not to be forgotten, before the wall goes up, the Mexicans
were remembered and chilled Coronas surfaced at the back end of the

Meanwhile the 2050 milestone good quality T-shirts were handed out by
Shat and Ferret, just in time for this hash to celebrate the Chinese New
Year in Nerang next Monday evening, at Ball Point’s promised feast  . A
little bit of red wine was spilled on Shat’s new white shirt which no
doubt will be the norm for many hashers shirts in the future. Sir
Botcho, Kitchen Bitch and Sir Prince Valiant had worked bloody hard
behind the scenes to organise the feast that was now ready for the
assembled queue to devour. There were salads, breads, prawns, chicken
and to top it all pavlova. It didn’t seem to matter how many times
hashers went back to reload their plates, there was still plenty

Sooner or later, the milestone group photo needed to be taken and
visitor Plucker stepped up to the plate to help out. The GM called the
circle and Circumference as hare got a spray from Missing Link about the
boring run before his down down. The walkers seemed to have a better
time in the swamp by the sound of it. The hash naming of Clive resulted
from his current employment efforts which apparently are Fuck All. The
RA entered with the CIA security joke from the inauguration – Donald,
Duck ! Early arrivals at the venue had tipped off the RA about a local
copper who had pulled over a hasher and put the bag on him as he arrived
at the run site. Apparently the number plates on the hasher’s motor
vehicle used to belong to some Scottish criminal with a warrant out for
his arrest. Finally the over zealous copper
gave up when he found out the hasher knew a little bit more about the
law than he did. Well done, Fanny Charmer, for telling the coppers to
get their shit together and update their records. You would think
Officer Dibble should have been able to pick a Spaniard from a Scotsman.
Speaking of Scotsmen, rumour has it that another hasher was doing the
back streets rat run on the way home and forgot to stop at the Stop sign
and got sprung by the local copper who uses it as a good little revenue
raiser. Down down to Fanny Charmer.

Missing Link , on his 801 run, got a down down for joining the 800 runs/
probably well over $15000 spent club. A couple of Sirs who have been
absent of late were welcomed back with a down down, namely Sir Prince
and Sir Rabbit.

Shetland,as a stand in for Showpony, was welcomed and given a down down.

Current POW , Blue Card, called out all of President Don’s Gold Coast
hash’ card carrying members and it would seem by the numbers he is more
popular in our hash and even Russia (where the champagne corks popped)
than he currently is in the USA. As Swindler had won a $100 bet on the
outcome of the election, he became the popular choice for POW.

The milestone run brought out a few old hashers for a down down namely –
Piss Stop, Plucker and these days the leather clad bikie Cum Smoke who
no doubt will be under the microscope of the coppers if he wears his
colours in public.

The kitchen crew were rewarded with down downs for their preparation and
serving of the seafood and chicken feast.

Moonbeams closed the circle to RPR 33.

Yours in hashing


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