News Flash

Hash House Hussars….

Gourmet Hash Grand Master.. Bent Banana not happy with Hash members who attended a rival Hash rather thanĀ  Moonbeam’s magnificent run.

The culprits. Photos removed as request!!

4 thoughts on “News Flash

  1. Botcho Post author

    All photos have been removed as requested. I trust that the booze masters will bring extra ice next week

  2. Flasher

    I hear that ‘turncoat” Sir Prince Valiant is the one stirring the shit…

    He said he was cumimg as he is a true Nazi at heart, then told Sir Slab he could not cum because he had to stay with the Princess after her recent sad loss….and then turns up at the Hash and stirs the shit……

    If that is not an icing offence then I don’t now what is!!

  3. Rectum

    How fitting that the last photos are of hashers getting iced……………could be prophetic.

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