Run 1814

Run 1814
Date : 6th August 2012
Hare : Flatulence
Venue : The Esplanade, Paradise Point
Runners 32 (yes 32)

Weeks to next Paradise Point run – about 3 (its taking over from Len Fox)

Numbers were almost as strong as the feeling of De ja Vu at the venue, 32 specimens in the prime of life gathered with the back drop of Ephraim Island. (looks like a giant house boat at night).

Once again personal commitments meant I was unable to complete the run, so the following account was obtained from those who had.

The pack set off from the venue in the direction of Sovereign Island and several got lost at a confusing first check, the route looped around sending all towards the sports club near runaway bay before returning home.

Quotes were – “Not many runners”
“Too long” (11k)
“Too straight”
“missing arrows at the sports field”
“Pretty boring”

So when you take out the perennial Hash whiners, it was a pretty normal run then.

On arrival Cum Smoke and I were set the task of eating a very large bowl of dipping chips which we almost completed without assistance, fortunately there were top-ups for those who had mistakenly chosen to run.

Food was served and had obviously been sponsored by the United Nations, potatoes (Russia) Chilli (Mexico) Spaghetti (Italy) Strudel (Denmark). That said it was hot and tasty and in abundance.

Circle called and Flatulence brought out.

Veteran was asked to comment on Flasher, who rather surprisingly, had not short cut (as much as normal) this run. Despite Veterans protestations no one believed a word of it. Especially Ossie who decided to do the trail by car so he could find the venue (?) and who witnessed Flasher again not on trail but claiming to be.

Truck Tyres gave comment on the run “Lost whole course” (7.5) prompting moonbeams to question why he had been selected to comment.

Rock Hard, back from walkabout, stated about the food “I’m not sure what it was, but it was very good 8/10”

Visitors – Little Hun (from Sydney)
Jerry (from Holland)
Rick (from Show Pony’s family)

Returners – Rug (UK)
Rock Hard (Perth)
Flatulence (Port somewhere)

The RA opened with a poem about farting, which wasn’t up to the standard of Sir Prince’s Indonesian story last week nor up to the quality of the very loud fart Sir Prince perpetrated at the end of the poem. DD for his efforts (and an underwear check later)

There was then a dementia half hour of half forgotten, badly told jokes.

POW – Ferret, who was still sulking over last weeks award, gave the blow-up doll to Veteran then passed the Prick to Cum Smoke for sheer gluttony over the dipping chips incident (You didn’t deserve that) taking it on the chin, Cum Smoke nicely downed the yard glass.

Veteran was invited out after completing 100 runs but without any award (to follow)(don’t get your hopes up, remember the GM saying very few hand outs this year)

Excel Pet unable to attend but sends his regards (I did cook breakfast for him last Saturday morning but that’s another story) (No rule #1 infringement honest)

Mumbles back from wherever and should be making an appearance soon. Same story for Pizza who we haven’t seen (or Heard) for a while.

Red dress run soon, check your emails and also Thirsty Thursday doing a fundraiser at Broadbeach this Thursday so try to make an effort and support it please.

Link, VD and Bouncer currently consuming their body weight in red wine at Ayres Rock. (beats the locals favourite tipple – unleaded)

DD for Moonbeams for assuming that everyone knows where next weeks run venue is. Its Cascade Gardens, Surfers, so remember no valuables to be left in your car.

Thanks to Flatulence for returning from Hols, setting the run and cooking with no outside help, makes a change from you weak b#st@rds who need some holding your hands.

On On

On Sec
Some of the above may be untrue.

4 thoughts on “Run 1814

  1. Flasher

    All Flasher comments are important…

    Every runner IS interested in how many runs they have done as one day they might get a nice new T-Shirt!!

    And you will make GM one day…..the Hash World trembles in anticipation!!!!

  2. Rectum

    firstly, you dont have any important comments!
    secondly, no-one believes what you say nor do they care how many runners attend (they do well just to read the trash)
    The thursday comment was not correct but it clearly says some of the above may be untrue at the bottom!
    If I ever get to the dizzy heights of GM I will change your name to ‘short cut’. Beware.

  3. Botcho

    I have spoken to a few of your Hash Mates in Bali. They Know you as John “Short Cut” Critchley. LOL

  4. Flasher

    Some important comments:

    Run 1814 actually had 33 attendees……..
    There were no “nibbles” left for the runners!
    Red Dress Run….

    WEDNESDAY, 22 AUGUST AT 6-30pm.

    Thirsty Thursday are NOT doing a fund raiser this Thursday and any Thursday….

    Flasher DID NOT short cut….he was looking for trail always……..

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