Run 1681

Run: 1681
Hares: Swollen Colon & Caustic Cursader
Location: Sylvan Family Park, Benowa
Date: 18th January, 2010

On a very sticky night a good turnout of the hash enjoyed the the collective efforts of Swollen Colon(SC) and Caustic Crusader(CC).

In the circle Old Fart commented thart he was “checking,checking,checking”but that it was a good run and he enjoyed it.
The Grand Master accused Miscarriage of leading him astray on an on back but Miscarriage deflected a down down by showing his pissy little cut and decalaring that vertically challenged guys should not have to go over fences.

Ferret said the nosh was the best this year and Cum Smoke enjoyed a DD for having a lamington too many.

Indeed the nosh was excellent.Well done boys!

Caustic was immediately called out again for throwing his DD over our venerated heirarchy member,Botcho,and received another one.

The Minister for Loose Beginnings,Sir Prince,reported that Show Pony had to attend his son’s wedding with wives 1,2and 4 present.It’s a pity wife #3 couldn’t make it to make the perfect quartet.Returning runners Latrine,Pussy Boy ,Now Loved ,Blowfly and Tight Arse all enjoyed DD’s.

TIght Arse blamed Latino dancing for his absence and admitted to divided loyalty which may have something to do with a certain Roxy.Latrine claimed he had been at sea and some wag interjected”up Loders Creek”.Cum Smoke,Dumbshit and Now Loved were all noted for new shoes and Aussie was very vocal about this but it turned out he was wearing thongs.

Sir Prince claimed Dumbshit had left and right written on his socks.The Grand Master called for Prick of the Week and the incumbent,Seamen,looked resplendent with the nosedick hanging out of the glasses.His candidates were Moonbeams for telling him to give it to Aussie , Aussie for telling him to give it to Moonbeams and Cum Smoke for avoiding him on the run.However,he settled on Phil using the twisted logic(is there any other sort in Hash?)that Phil had been at Hash for 4 months and never had it whereas Seamen got it his first week back after a prolonged absence.Phil did well with with the yardglass.

Miscarriage claimed he googled twitter to find it was the part of a girls body between the twat and the shitter.

Pisspoor was accused of eating out alot and claimed his wife can’t cook .Perhaps that’s why he came to hash on his 41st wedding anniversary.

Josephine charged Cum Smoke with buying a trailer from an old pensioner for $100.Pommy reported a delicate moment when he mistakenly showed his kids a picture of Pizza in full POW regalia on the website.It would appear he struggled to explain to them what actually happened at hash
Maggs told the circle how he was driving Pisspoor home after hash last week and his car stalled and he nearly rammed a police car.
The cops checked out all the eskies and other hash paraphanalia in the back but let him go to the cheers of those people on a nearby balcony.Maggs must have given the police his best angelic look.
Luckily Pisspoor remained quiet.Botcho announced that Sir Rabbit is the keeper of the big cooking pots.
Kitchen Bitch has next weeks run and promised a pre Australia Day extravaganza.His past efforts have been excellent so this is not to be missed.
With that the GM closed the circle.

Congratulations to Swollen Colon and Caustic Crusader for a job well done!
After a short absence in the wilds of eastern suburbs Sydney I would just like to say how great it is to be back at hash.

Now Loved.
On Sec.

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