Run 1682

Run: 1682
Hares: Kitchen Bitch
Location: Riverside Park, Budds Beach
Date: 25th January, 2010

It was obvious that this would be a remarkable evening when the pack came upon Pizza at the drink stop dispensing his tasty dark homebrew from the mini keg on his ute. This was after a pleasant canter through the Mackintosh Island park. Back at the On On site Kitchen Bitch had transformed the waterside park into an exclusive restaurant complete with table settings, candles and tablecloths. The hierarchy table even had wedding style covered chairs and a “bridal” feel that was brought to the attention of the hoi poloi by BB. The head of the “death by accident” Marlin we were going to consume completed the picture.

At post run drinks Caustic Crusader remarked that some trail markings had been washed away by footpath cleaning. Aussie agreed that the hare may have misjudged the anal factor of main beach residents and their clean footpaths but thought it was a good run as did Rug.

The first course was marlin in a marinade of lime juice and pomegranate with whole fennel on the side. Main was a delightful barbequed marlin fillet over baked tomatoes and a sauce of caperberrys, strawberries, roasted garlic and spinach leaves. Desert was an exotic fruit salad and premium ice cream. Kitchen Bitch, assisted by Sir Prince Valiant, Phil and Pizza, has certainly raised the bar in matters gastronomique and deserves congratulations from all of the hash.

Assistant Grand Master and Minister for Loose Structures, Sir Prince, opened the optional sitting/standing circle at 9.30. For reasons known only to himself Latrine immediately sat on the ice. Last runner home, Old Fart, said he hahplenty to say about the run until the second course. Shat described the nosh as “a magnificent effort “The hare and chef told the circle he was criticized for his budget blow-out at the Indy run so he thought he would get square. He also thanked his “kitchen bitches Sir Prince and Phil and was given a Down Down for his efforts. Pizza was`also given a DD for his home brew. Latrine was allowed off the ice and Sir Prince commented that he used the same dye in his hair as was in the beer.

Then BB got on the ice and Missing Link told the circle how he puts all Gold Coast Hashers on ice on runs he sets at Intehashers. Apparently in Burma Flasher injured himself on purpose to avoid an icing at one of BB’s runs.

Our esteemed Grand Master, Nasty called for the Prick of the Week and described the incumbent, Phil, as a helpful Prick. Phil’s nominees to succeed him were;

Two Dogs for inviting Goat Farka to hash who subsequently invited Phil
Swollen Colon for sucking up all nightHowever he chose Miscarriage because he had congratulated him for getting the Prick but still not having a name. This did not help the identity crisis Phil had been feeling these last 4 months.

Sir Prince then called out Phil for his naming. As he has had 14 vasectomies and 13 reversals he was name Cum Again!! In a moving ceremony Sir Prince anointed our newest hash mans head. Welcome Cum Again!

Miscarriage announced that next weeks run would be back to the “roots” after the gastronomical highs of this weeks run. On behalf of all Scots Rug reminded everybody it was Robbie Burns birthday. DD’s went to returning runners, Bent Banana, who had been at Tamworth learning Line Dancing and Jigsaw who had been in Sydney and on the road visiting his 7 brothers.

Kitchen Bitch charged Hitler and Pussy Boy for arriving at Hash on skateboards and Swollen Colon for changing out of his new shoes before the circle. Crocodile told a story about some small kids at school that he must have learnt from his Grandson and was given a DD as was Rug for being on the phone Russian.

The final DD was given to Cum Smoke and Swollen Colon for ruining the photos of some innocent tourists.

The GM closed the circle around midnight .

Many thanks to Kitchen Bitch for a monumental effort.


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