Splinter Hash Summer Cup 2010

Friday 29th January 2010
Monthly Splinter Lunch
Location : Helensvale
Host: Botcho
Botcho added a pleasant variation to the monthly Splinter lunch by (a) inviting everyone to his new pad which adjourns Helensvale Golf Course for the lunch and (2) by addng a a novelty 9-hole game of golf as a prelude to the lunch.
There were four teams for the golf, the first team of four hitting off at 0930.
The teams were-
A Team
Ferret (c)   Latrine   Flasher   Goatfarka
B Team
Sir AH (c)   McMuffin   Misscarriage   Missing Link
C Team
Moonbeams (c)    Now loved    Cum Again   Rug
D Team
Croco (c)   Pommy   Two Dogs   Bent Banana
The game was Irish 4-ball Stableford playd overb 9 holes.
The result saw B team tie with D Team with 45 points each.
In the ensuing putting competition, McMuffin blew all opposition away and was duely declared Champion Splinter Golfer of the day.
Afer the golf others including Sir Prince, Slab and Sir Rabbit joined the happy throng.
Out came the drinks and Botcho then served a great feast cooked in his outdoor pizza oven.
It as a great day, greatly appreciated by all.

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Moonbeams Golf Captain

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