Run 1683

Run 1683
Hare: Miscarriage
Location: Emerald Lakes
Date: 1st February,2010

On a warm evening a collection of 25 odd hounds descended on the “back to basics run” commemorating the first Gold Coast Hash run from the same location. The hare assembled the pack and provided seven envelops marked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and L for a postal run.

The pack was eager and followed the first map to the entrance of the estate, following maps took the pack through the back of the development estate, across the oval with the remaining Gold Coast Stadium turf and into the original estate returning back to the On On at the boat ramp.

The hounds dropped off and lowly dwindled as the run progressed with only some 8 hounds at the final “L” leg of the run. The hound entrusted with the “L” envelope got lost during leg 6 and elected not to attend the “L” leg. However superior hashing skills enabled the pack to circle towards home and even catch a number of hash short-cutters.

For the duration of the run the hare displayed great hash skills in keeping the pack together and even managed to drag the entire pack through a toxic festy swamp only to find a false trail.

All reports declared the run a great run with a novel twist.

Following previous debacles of sushi-parma the hare opted for a cold offering of left over Christmas ham, chicken and salads. However desert was left wanting and the pack still remains hungry.

Eventually the circle was called with 5 minuets notice. Following recent marathon circles each hound collected six cans and a sandwich to see out the circle.

The hare was allocated a down down for the run, followed by Kitchen Bitch for last weeks excessive run. All reports following last weeks run required tremendous explanation upon returning home with some hounds paying a high price of Sir Prince handing out business class overseas trips like candy.

Prick of the week was handed from Miscarriage to Jig Saw for reasons we could not understand.

Two Dogs was awarded a drink for recognition of 750 runs.

On On
Cumsmoke ( On Sec’s little helper)

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