Run 1693

Run: 1693
Hare: Blackstump
Location: Gilston
Date: 12th April, 2010

In his pre-amble to the run Blackie offered an enthusiastic pack the choice of 5K with water crossings or a 10K slog through the hills. Expecting wet shoes all  hashmen assembled moved to the home paddock of Blackstump Downs a.k.a the Ponderosa and ran off over newly slashed grass. The first creek was soon encountered which stopped the whimpy walkers to a man. Thus they were back at the hacienda to see Flasher be the first one back due to his “superior hashing skills”closely followed by Pommy,Blowfly and Bent Banana.Judging by the difference in energy expended it may be fair to say that Flasher had achieved first home on yet another of his personal trails whilst the dual between Pommy and Blowfly, with a creditable Bent Banana in their wake, was closer to the real situation.

His eminence and Grand Master,Nasty,called a sitting circle and asked Two Dogs for a run report which was “fantastic,words fail me “whilst Missing Link thought “all right,typical Blackie run,looked after the pack well. ”Calling out the hare for his Down Down the GM commented that Pommy had been tenacious in getting across the creek to which Blackie replied that the whole current hash was as weak as piss because in the old days they would swim the Nerang river.

There was a general positive consensus that the nosh of Spag. Bol. was very good and the hare enjoyed a DD of rocket fuel from a bottle labeled “Mad Rum”as supplied by Semen.

Seeing as both hashmen mentioned would have made excellent pirates if only they had been born 400 years earlier, such a DD seemed very appropriate.

Assistant GM and Minister for a Loose Portfolio, Sir Prince, then charged Point  Two with the charade of getting dressed to run 100 metres and other short runners Sir Rabbit(perhaps unfair due to the well known problem of wet fur)Moonbeams, Pizza, Cum Smoke and Show Pony   .All partook of a DD.

The GM then praised Botcho for his momumental effort in organizing the wine trail that was “an event that is a milestone for the club”. This fabulous day out has been well documented by Two Dogs in  his recent hierarchy job application/article. Other emerging details were that Ferret had recruited the 3 Canadian girls for charity work and that Bent Banana asked the one holding the big cucumber where the batteries went.

In breaking news it emerged that Sir Rabbit had achieved 1350 runs and is beating Sir Prince by six! For not having anything better to do on a Monday night for some years Sir Rabbit qualified for a DD.

Prick of the Week saw Veteran mention Bent Banana and Missing Link but choose Flasher as the “stand out candidate ”from the wine trip for hogging the women’s toilet. Amidst the usual claims of innocence Flasher was  a Down-Downer as were returning runners Kitchen Bitch(trip to Japan and fishing club commitments)Semen(busy with rum production)Pizza(working at Mt.Tamborine)V.D.(four months in Tassie doing it tough at beach house and working on toy collection)and Ice Arse(son gone into Navy).

The closing item was a charge from Caustic Crusader against Kitchen Bitch for new shoes.

Next weeks run is Sir Slab .Expect a well considered effort from this veteran.

Apologies for late words due to abundance of surf and need to man the bilge pumps of my sinking business.

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