Hash on The wine trail

Run: Hash on the Wine Trail
Hares:Your caring hierarchy “The Nasty Party”
Location: Mount Tamborine
Date: 11th April, 2010


Firstly, I must say thank you to the honourable Hierarchy for allowing me this brief opportunity to assist in their current operations and thus becoming a current (though very temporary) honorary Hierarchy member meaning, constitutionally, now becoming exempt from the forthcoming elections.

Secondly, I must congratulate myself for staying up late enough to watch the premiere of the new Underbelly series last night, managing a couple more ales, and still being able to remember all (well most) of what transpired, and all after such a fun but furious paced day out. Amazing what willpower and years of practice can do.

Thirdly, and the final suck up, a great thanks to the Nasty Party, and especially Botulism and Cappuccino for their fine efforts in organising what was a literal corker of a day out.

The day started with the usual, timed to perfection, bus pick ups. Surprisingly by Hash standards, only some 20 minutes late by the time the northern crew got picked up at Harbour Town. We did however lose some time by doing a scenic circuit of Movie World, Wet & Wild and Outback Whatever World on our way to get Mr and Mrs Pommy. Of course Sir Rabbit had the loony tunes tour CD playing. Against all normal Hash protocol we arrived at our first destination only a few minutes over time.

Little did the staff at the Cedar Creek winery know what they were in for when 40 something thirsty Hashers spilled into the “Tasting Room” , a concept that bodes well with Hash. We tasted some 7 or so whites, reds, port and a Baileys type thingo (classical wine terminology). The now not so eager staff had given up the wine spiel after the first wine due to the rising Hash din and the harried attempts of the Hashers to procure more than the usual “splash” of wine normally served on these occasions. This was to become no normal wine tasting event. Somehow the organising crew managed to tear the group away from the tasting room (probably more to do with the staff locking the wines away and leaving the room) and move us onto the next and thankfully close venue. By now, after a few starters on the bus on the way up and more than a few wines the crew had now become wine experts and were about to impart their (some new found) knowledge on more unsuspecting staff.

Fortunately the lass at the Aussie Vineyards winery had been well trained and was accustomed to bus loads of ignorant, smart arse, know all types and had our measure well and truly. An exception was the group of chooks, sorry girls, who stood outside the bus gossiping and trying to skull the remainder of wines borrowed from the previous venue, thus missing most of the tasting spiel. Better leave this one alone now as Mrs Two Dogs was the ring leader on this occasion. Fortunately though for Romeo, who had answered a business call on her mobile and somehow managed to get left behind and locked in the bus and thus had to be rescued by the above mentioned chooks, sorry girls. Meanwhile back at the tasting the pace was quickening and self professed wine expert, Caustic Crusader, was embarrassing himself with constant interjections something to do with “but does the wine go well with a Big Mac”. Peasant, any half decent wine buff will tell you it goes best with KFC!

Onwards to the lunch venue, all still to plan except that someone had forgotten to set up an exclusion zone at the somewhat crowded lunch venue at Witches Falls Park. After some usual Hash Whining (get it) some bright sparks had deliberated and figured the best way to progress was to (a) divide and conquer, (b) use force of numbers and just take over a spot or (c) just ask when someone was likely to move. Fortunately in total unHash fashion option (c) was applied and we soon infiltrated a group of Pommy backpackers. Lunch was a fine feast of nibbles, roast chook, leg ham and salads. Of course the usual crows and vultures (not the feathered variety) were hovering around the food and the Hierarchy were kept on their toes keeping them at bay until the rations were dispersed. It was noted that at some stage Botulism dropped the second ham in the dirt but in a well rehearsed move quickly managed to pick it up and dust it off, with very few the wiser. During lunch a number of boot lickers were seen sidling up to the GM, obviously jostling for nominations in the upcoming Hierarchy elections. I get the feeling many a position has been filled as a result. Finally after an 18 point turn in the bus we were off to the last stop of the day.

I don’t know who bought any cheese but I did note that the majority, myself included, headed for the beer selection at the brewery. Most went for the “Czech Mate”, which I commented “had more hops than Skippy” . I myself asked if they had any dark ale, to which point I was told yes but served something totally opposite, go figure, but still good.

Aptly it was now time for the down hill run home to beat the ensuing sunset and the effects and accumulation of a long but fulfilling day to take hold. May there be many more to come.

PS Flasher has photos and is currently still accepting bribes prior to any editing.

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