Run 1694

Run: 1694
Hare: Sir  Slab
Location: Pizzey Park, Mermaid Waters
Date: 19th April, 2010

Hashmen came out of the woodwork for Sir Slab’s run. In the circle The Grand Master inquired of Two Dogs his thoughts that were “on trail most of the way, debacle on shoreline, but a good run and even got abused by a resident of the nursing home.”On the nosh Cum Smoke said he was disappointed there were no ribs but was happy and acting as server observed there were many circling vultures who were “all fat cunts.” Sir slab did serve an excellent corned beef and cabbage but was hampered by the swell in numbers and thinking a covered tray of carrots was in fact more meat.

The C word got another run when the GM demanded to know from the walkers who called him a fat one as he ran past them yet again .As likely lads VD and Show Pony were called out as was Cum Smoke for calling the GM a keg and then testing the ice by  alluding to some people having a six pack whilst others are the whole brewery. Down Downs ensued.

New and returning runners and visitors were;

Ryan,  son of Cum Agen, student at Bond, makes his father look like a midget.

Dicky Knee, has lost 16 kilos and didn’t have an ice cream(the mental toughness is amazing)

Miscarriage ,in China with family. Claimed the twin brother stayed at home and he did not cross the river.

Regan. New runner. Welcome Regan!

Jigsaw .Travelling in Asia solo.(was he really alone?)

Spud. New runner brought by Sir Slab, usually runs with border hash.

Finny, returning runner

MeMe, from Sydney.

Avoiding the spotlight were Ringbark and some travelling young guys from India.

The Grand Master then called for The Prick of the Week which was held by Crocodile as surrogate for Flasher who was supposed to be away on pilgrimage. Candidates were Mumbles for trying to remaster the DVDs and Aussie for not turning up at the wine trail. With no further ado though Two Dogs was the recipient for abusing Croc in the car park.

Making up for lost time Miscarriage then charged Sir Prince for not having his mobile on to receive the multiple messages that the Burke family would be late arriving due to aircraft drama in KL and without pausing to take breath charged Aussie with switching allegiance to the new Gold Coast AFL club. Aussie proudly displayed his supporters hat in response.

Styling himself as the king of the rat pack, sporting a regal hat with a large plastic rat(or is it a wombat as somebody mused from the circle)Caustic Crusader charged Kitchen Bitch with putting his filleting knife through his hand and not catching any fish .A charge strongly defended.

Next weeks run is Circumference at Norm Rix park Labrador .Being a public holiday it’s a 5pm start(not 5.15 Dumb Shit!)Anzac Day theme .Expect Bully Beef and a better nosh than the diggers got in the trenches.

Thanks Sir Slab for a fine effort.

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