Run 1695

Run: 1695
Hare: Sir  Cumference
Location: Norm Rix Park, Labrador
Date: 26th April, 2010

As the ANZAC long weekend drew to a conclusion the hounds gathered alongside Norm Rix Park to receive instructions for the ensuing run.

With a run spot on the hour mark the pack was further entertained by a fireworks display co-ordinated by Swollen Collin prior to nosh and circle.

Following a hearty nosh and social intercourse the circle was promptly called by the Grand Master at 7.10pm.

The run report declared the run enjoyable and well marked until the markings stopped and most runner became lost. But some did enjoy a drink stop of chilled rum and milk to keep the winter evening chills at bay. Flasher provided a report and detailed in laymen’s terms how hash operates, all in attendance are pleased to receive the correction in the evenings events.

POW Two Dogs took center stage and provided a number of candidates:

Swollen Collin for cracker abuse;

Kitchen Bitch for masturbation injuries (KB now claims to have found the sweet spot);

Caustic just for being a prick;

Cum Smoke for having possible the worlds most destructive day;

However Dumb Shit was a stand out candidate and received the award for calling “on” even when he is on a false trail.

Next was a presentation of Interhash mugs provided by Blackie and presented to Dumb Shit & Kitchen Bitch.

The circle descended into further darkness as lighting became a premium. As it works out Croc last passed the lights to Caustic for safe keeping and delivery. As it works out Caustic has fucked-up and forgotten the lights.

As the circle drew to a conclusion the hare provided counterfeit money and illegal gambling to the hares for a traditional game of ANZAC Two-Up. Unfortunately at the same time the local police arrived investigating the earlier fireworks actions.

Whilst non of our own upstanding hashers knew anything of the fireworks, three reports had been handed to police detailing local kids seen loitering in the park throughout the evening. As a result five children walking home after bible study group have been arrested and will front Southport Magistrates Court in due course.

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