Splinter Hash Lunch 3

Friday 30th April 2010
Monthly Splinter Lunch
Location : Lolas. Broadbeach
Host: Moonbeams

Because it was such a popular venue in 2009, Moonbeams booked this year for 20 – 24. Knowing that a few of our regulars were away, Moonbeams later cut back the estimate from 20 – 24 to 16 – 20.
It was pleasing on the day to see that 16 Splinter Hashers finally arrived, albeit some of them like Browns cows. Shat, Veteran and co please note.
Beer drinkers were a little perplexed to find that they had to pay around $7.50 for their beers from Lolas but wine drinkers were pleased to note that that they could BYO without corkage. The moral of the story is – forget the amber liquid and get with the red and white. Most Splinter Hashers were served their lunches and were very happy with their choices. The exception was Moonbeams who ordered grilled snapper and received absolutely nothing. The establishment were most apologetic about this but after another 40 minutes or so they then re-served a (this time) very raw snapper tartare. The mildly-cooked snapper didn’t mix too well with the vintage red that was by now being drunk, but the establishment offered to again-cook the by-now-much-maligned poor fish.
Moonbeams was at this time beyond caring so he called it quits, settling instead for a FOC doggy bag which he later lost on the way home, along with two sirloin steaks that he bought at the nearby butcher shop just before closing time.
The ON ON was at the Burleigh Bowls Club just across the road where the last thing most can remember was Nasty buying jug after jug of Black (Tooheys Old). Thanks Nasty.
Signing out now ‘cos can’t remember any more.
On on and and many thanks to perpetual GM and Splinter founder, Rabbit
On On

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