Run 1696

Run: 1696
Hare: Dumshit & Tightarse
Location: Beachside Mermaid Beach
Date: 3rd May, 2010

At on On On site with a plethora of passing eye candy Tight Arse and Dumb Shit did themselves proud with a creditable run and an excellent nosh. Tight Arse mastered an ancestral dish called PURKOLT that had the pack licking their chops(and plates)whilst Dumb Shit’s mum kindly provided a Tiramasu that was a whole other taste sensation.

Bent Banana and Blowfly were first back with BB reporting Flasher was last seen going west, shirtless, whilst the pack went north. Not far behind were Blackstump ,Caustic Crusader and then Flasher who quickly accused Blackie of “doing a Flasher ”by leading the pack on a second trail .Investigations have been launched and Leech and Leech briefed.

Later our beloved Grand Master, Nasty, called the circle and issued a special invitation to Moonbeams to join in. Rightly, the GM berated the circle for payment and bucket discrepancies that have occurred over recent weeks. Running a snappy circle he then called out the hares, Dumb Shit looking resplendent in full Prick of the week kit .Regan was asked for a run report and in a statement that bodes ill for a run he may set in the future said he “likes Hills ”and  enjoyed the run. Asked for an assessment of the nosh Kitchen Bitch said “an excellent job ,portion control marginal, an excellent taste, 7/10”The hares enjoyed a Down Down.

Tight Arse  then presented his guest, Cameron, who said he enjoyed the run  and visitor Rainbow, from Launceston, said he liked the coast but not the traffic or traffic lights because in Launceston they only have 6 lights and they are all synchronized. It would also appear that Rainbow knows more Tasmanian jokes than anybody else. The guests partook of a DD as did Hitler for nor singing.

Minister for Loose Steering, Sir Prince, then took the floor saying that 71 years ago Hitler bombed the British parliament, not long after the birth of Moonbeams.Six years later Flasher was unleashed on the world and 35 years after that came Hitler(ours, not the manic German one)and Tight Arse. All the birthday boys had a DD and to conclude the history lesson Sir Prince noted it had been 32 years since he started in hash.

Dumb Shit presented the POW to Hitler for emailing suggestions as to possible candidates. Cum Smoke told of borrowing Two Dog’s snatch and the GM’s car to pull his junior Rangy out of a rockery .Must have been overzealous parking. The GM claimed his car was now shaky to drive and has a broken lamp. .Luckily Leech and Leech are now on retainer and correct legal procedures will ensue.

Misscarriage, the man with a charge always handy, accused Flasher of running through on backs an  unnamed  Hashman of buying a 3D TV but not being able to find 3D porno or the required glasses complete with windscreen wipers. After enjoying his Down Down for charging a hierarchy member he also said he had met the Prime Minister in Mackay and was on TV “all over North Queensland.” And  that “TV makes you look fat”.

Crocodile announced he was now a 7 times grandfather and Caustic Crusader charged Blowfly with having “little pearlers” of new shoes .Blowfly took a voluntary drink from said footwear and CC self charged for having a mental lapse and following Flasher on the run..

Next weeks run is the annual memorial event facilitated by your hard working committee.

Many thanks to Tight Arse and Dumb Shit for a fine effort.

On On

Now Loved on sec

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