Run 1697

Run: 1697
Hare: Hierarchy
Location: Nerang
Date: 10th May, 2010

Vale:Sewerage,Bilge Pump,First Hill Tanner,Toothprick,Credits,Geoff Maiden,
One Ball.  Hashers gathered at Nerang for the annual Sewerage memorial run to his grave nearby.This run also honours all departed Hashmen from GCH3.   At the memorial site Sir Prince eulogised on the larger than life exploits of Sewerage which included clearing a Telstra building by farting in the vicinity of the airconditioner intake and surfing the train roof on a hash jaunt across the ditch.Known for his gaseous  eruptions Sewerage was remembered with the traditional “21 fart salute”and a toast concluded proceedings for him and the other members who have left us.   Back at the On On site our esteemed Grand Master called the circle and congratulated Botcho and Flasher on a well set run.Sir Slab said it was an”appropriate run,hard to set a run we have done 16 times.”and new member Cameron thought it was “all good”.   Sir Prince informed the pack that it was 32 years since the GCH3 began and he couldn’t walk after his first run.He also noted that he was the same age as Dumshit is now when he started.   Asked by the GM how he had lost weight Miscarriage put it down to “working”and also said he had given K Rudd his best Mr. Sheen smile when reminding him he was the actual PM of the job site.   Down Downs went to visitors Girls,Irish Joe (or is it Joke?)and Spud.Returning runner Pommy was also a recipient.Apparently Girls always does the ball breaker run at hash Jamborees and has been lost in the jungle on occassion.   Missing Link skillfully avoided answering the question of how he could go to Bali whilst being on the pension and Miscarriage charged Show Pony with trying to look like Billy Idol with his new shock of white hair.Whilst it is true that Show Pony has had his share of “white weddings”he will need to work on his sneer to improve the resemblance.   The pack then repaired to a Thai restaurant for a good nosh.
On On Now Loved On Sec.

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