Run 1698

Run: 1698
Hare: Rug
Location: Arundel
Date: 17th May, 2010

Nasty, our illustrious Grand Master, opened the circle by musing that his popularity was slipping like that of KRudd. Why he should think this remains a mystery and he did not elaborate although it is well known that all great men have moments of self doubt.

Moving on he called out the Hare, Rug, and said he thought it was a good run. Sir Slab offered that it was “very, very good use of territory available” .Bent Banana who “was not whinging” chimed in that there should have been more arrows and the GM got to the beer stop as Rug drove away .It was a very good beer stop of homebrews, to my taste the 47 being superior to the 27.This time Rug wisely chose not to use an attractive Russian emigré as hostess in case it led to a repeat of the now infamous phone-in-the-canal episode.

Two Dogs commented that it was “a bit hard to find the arrows” and that a little shortcutting pack led by Swollen Colon had disappeared from the main bunch. Called out SC had nothing to say except that the nosh could have been better. He was the first to enjoy a Down Down.

Ferret proudly announced that his son had done 1800 kilometres and raised $16,000 in a charity event and that he had lunched with Maggs who sends his regards.

One big event of the evening was the return of Goat Farka and the GM could no longer ignore his presence, standing as he was in a tiara .This was part of his costume from the Saigon “Queens Birthday” run. Goatie  turned up complete with pearls and  handbag to discover that he was the only one in costume.   Otherwise he said Asia was a “shithole ”and that Pol Pot should have finished off the job in Cambodia, the Yanks should have bombed Laos out of existence and the tried harder to beat Uncle Ho in Vietnam. Such a rewrite of history may see him awarded the Pauline Hanson medal for cultural sensitivity. He was joined in a DD by other returning runners Swollen Colon who blamed “work, work and more work” for his absence, Cum Agen who offered the same excuse and Tom(progeny of Sir Prince)who has been overseas for 3 years. Interjections from the circle included Caustic Crusader who said SC was really a mascot for the Finks and Sir Prince who was “happy he(Tom) did not come home with a Pommy scrubber.” Miscarriage charged Tom with new shoes but this backfired when Sir Prince reminded him he had forgotten his wedding anniversary for the 22nd year in a row.

The second important occasion was the naming of Regan. Introduced to hash via Mrs.Bilge Pump the GM was amused to reason that the hash naming lineage of keeping water out of boats must be maintained and cleverly introduced Regan to the circle as ”Bung”. Welcome to hash Bung and may you always be in place so the bilge pumps don’t have to work.

Further proceedings were Miscarriage charging Jigsaw with putting a Euro coin in the bucket and Botcho charging Crocodile with getting the guilts and admitting he owed $12.Botcho also charged Bent Banana with signing an email critical of the heirarcy as “anonymous”. Mumbles charged Circumference with leading him astray and causing him to fall into a ditch and cut his hand(another job for Leech and Leech) and Aussie charged Blowfly with road rage against a fellow hashman.The result of all these accusations was a DD to Bent Banana and Circumference.

The Prick of the Week was called out which was a proxy from Hitler via Pussy Boy.

Candidates were the entire Rat Pack, Aussie, Girls and Crocodile .However ,the winner was Goat Farka for going away for 3 months and coming back in 3 weeks wearing a tiara. In accepting the “prize” GF sang a clever ditty to the tune of “Jake the peg.”

Wrapping things up the GM gave Caustic a DD for general GM abuse and trying to increase the numbers of the rat pack for a putsch in the future. Cicumference announced he was back up north to Cairns this time to “be a bum on a seat”.

The splinter lunch is on 28 May at “Flames” and next weeks run is from the kennel of Two Dogs .Expect the usual fine dining.

Thanks to Rug for a good effort and the Grand Master for an amusing and fluid circle.

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Now Loved.

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