Run 1699

Run: 1699
Hare: Two Dogs
Location: Runaway Bay
Date: 24th May, 2010

The pack gathered at  Two Dogs’s waterfront kennel for the last run from this iconic site. After the run/walk and a few drinks a nosh of gourmet sausages ,with all the trimmings, was served. Resident barbeque maestro, Kitchen Bitch, cooked those little puppies to perfection. An excellent feed was rounded out with fruit salad and ice cream.

Once all appetites were satiated, except for Cum Smoke who doesn’t have a stop button, The Dear Leader and Grand Master, Nasty, called the circle and immediately offered advice to Dumshit to never follow Flasher or Mumbles. Dumshit liked the run so much he almost did it twice. Mumbles went past the police station twice  and became the ventriloquist doll for Botcho when explaining his reasons.This did not satisfy the GM and earned him a Down Down.

The GM then turned his attention to VD who had been out west and managed to get his Range Rover bogged near Camerons Corner. The GM was surprised that VD did not know that Rangeys were never to be taken off road. The next target was Kitchen Bitch who was ailing with “rooters rick”,a back complaint associated with Viagra. Also in the firing line was Madamoiselle Latrine, who had been spotted on the run for the last four weeks but failed to make it to the On On. Latrine explained he was worried as to the quality of the DD’s and embellished his with his wine to underline the point. The above mentioned hashers enjoyed a DD.

Also a candidate was returning runner Flatulence who blamed work and a virus for his absence. Medical expert Cum Smoke remarked that “he had Parkinsons but shook it off.”Whilst on the medical theme it emerged that VD had suffered a knee problem on the walk and had to borrow a knee brace from Dicky Knee to make it back. The situation was so dire they both had to repair to a local tavern in search of medication at the “runners Bar”. Both were awarded a DD.

The Prick of the Week was called for which was held by Two Dogs as proxy for Goat Farka, who was away enjoying the very non-Asian delights of 1770.Perrenial incumbent Caustic Crusader was the nominee for running through an on back. The bag is missing and Dumshit assured the GM he would return it.As the whereabouts of the bag is becoming a recurring problem the hierarchy have decided to fit it with a GPS.

The venue for the splinter lunch was discussed and the GM promised crownies to mark his 50th birthday. The last time the venue was in Surfers the GM(then a normal citizen)was refused re-entry to Melba’s and could only look on as those inside enjoyed his very expensive round of crownies.

The GM then took Rainbow to task because on a recent trip to Launceston he had discovered that there were more than 6 sets of traffic lights.  Kitchen Bitch said Rainbow had shown him the scar where his second head had been removed and Rainbow cleverly retorted he had chosen the one he kept because the other looked like KB..

In closing the GM awarded Two Dogs with a DD in recognition of the passing of the kennel as a popular On On site. Well done Two Dogs and Mrs. Dogs It was suggested that it be written into the sale contract that the hash have bi-annual visiting rights.

Next weeks run is to be set by VD somewhere south of Tallebudgera Creek. Those from the north are reminded to check that their visas are in order. Expect a different format and a five star nosh. This is also the last run before the AGPU.

Many thanks to Two Dogs for a great night.

On On

Now Loved.

On Sec.

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