Splinter Lunch 4

Friday 28th may, 2010
Monthly Splinter Lunch
Location : Flames Gourmet Grill, Surfers Paradise
Host: “Birthday Boy” Nasty

Pole Dancing Returns to Surfers Paradise
Twenty two Hashers joined Birthday Boy Nasty at Flames Gourmet Grill to celebrate his 50th. Little did he know that he would be the witness to the revival of male pole dancing in Surfers Paradise. The surprise package of the day was Sir Rabbit. What a showman.
We all enjoyed prime beef, beer and far to much red wine, including a bottle of 40 year old claret straight from Sir Prince’s cellar. All seemed to enjoy this fine old bottle of plonk after the first glass. It was a great day and I must thank our host Nasty for the extra beer and wine he provided and then making us all drink it. As the sun was setting most made an exit for home except for a few went next door for a glass or two of Guinness.
Sir Rabbit was seen talking to a talent scout about future bookings for his pole dancing act. Apparently he will be taking classes in the near future. Please contact Sir Rabbit if you wish to enroll. Numbers are limited so be quick.

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