Run 1702

Run: 1702
Hare: Shat
Location: Budds Beach
Date: 14th June, 2010

Gathering at the Shat Shack Budds Beach and a fast run around Chevron Island and through the bright lights of Surfers Paradise up to the beach to a welcome drink stop and a quite jog back to the Shat Shack………… sounds like a simple plan says Shat. Hmmmmmmm……………. seems Shat had over-estimated the connection of our new R/A with the weather gods. It’s 4.15PM and your scribe drops by to do the neighborly thing to assist with either set up or drink tasting…..Wrong !!! Shat says weather looks like it will hold!! 30 seconds later R/A’s lack of influence is apparent and the heavens open, a quick check of the trail finished 5 minutes earlier shows it is now totally f$#@&%.

Another Hash debacle is quickly forming…. Cancel the drinks !!! Set a new trail in 25 minutes…
No problem!!

Shat sets out, KB plays taxi and the trail is set over Chevron and back to the bridge…….. It’s now 4.50 PM and the pack of 30 hashers is forming. F%#@!!!!!!!!!!

Plan “B” says Shat ….. Sir Slab can “live hare” them from the bridge up to the drink stop on the beach and we will “on home” them from there…. Simple!!

Plan “C” evolves !! …….. KB will skip the run and mark the trail from the bridge to the drink stop and “on home” them from there….. easy!!

Run them through “Circle on Cavill” says Shat, then up Cavill Ave up to the beach, left down to “Focus” along the beach to the drinks stop. Hmmmmmm!! Pretty easy.

KB has thetrail is marked to Circle and KB is about to head up to Cavill……. Swollen short cuts Chevron out completely and catches KB at the Circle steps.

Plan “D” … Swollen will take KB’s car to the beach and KB will mark the run to the beach.. very simple!!! ..Wrong ! Swollen says “Oh fuck !!!! I can’t drive ….. I’ve been on the piss all arvo!

Plan “E” …. Swap rolls…… Swollen will mark the trail ….. Left at the beach and down to “Focus” …… Kid’s stuff!! …. Wrong!

Swollen must be “pissed” and heads the pack right (south) down the beach and the frustrations of not being elected “trail master” come to the fore.. Swollen creates his own trail.

Shat gets 4 members to the drink stop!!!!!!!!!!! Says ….I love a good fuck up!!!

The Pack finds its way back to the Shat Shack.

An excellent “Fuck up”

The Venue is transferred from the beach park and into the botanical gardens of the Shat Shack.

A tasty 3 course nosh and welcome drinks follow.

New GM Flasher calls for “circle” at 6.45 pm.

GM Flasher rises to new heights thanks to his new “soap box” present.

R/A arrives looking more like Pope CumSmoke the third.

GM calls Pizza into the circle for yet another interruption … Shut up Pizza is GM’s instruction.

Down downs are issued freely to

Botcho…. Amazing effort!!

Sir Prince , Blowfly, Nowloved, ………. Welcome back from immunity lads!!!

Shut up Pizza!!

GM Flasher announces his love of the new hierarchy ………. Hierarchy humbly respond!!

Darwin Don is DD’d and recognized for his 87 years and hashing around the world including climbing Mt Warning with GCHHH.

Moonbeam’s poor singing gets recognition!!

Our R/A continues his reign of terror…….. New terminologies of the DD containers exude from his papal mind.

“Pale of blasphemy” gets awarded to Croc.

“Bed Pan of euphemism” goes to Swollen for his “pissed trail”

Sir Prince gets another DD……. (Pay back!!!)

Pizza gets iced!!!! The new bed pan icing gets initiated and Pizza’s normal shy nature continues to show.

Two Dogs gets a DD for taking over from “Serial pest Cumsmoke” for all the fingers in the AGPU photos. Rockhard strikes a note, Sir Prince strikes a note to Pizza and Swollen,

Charges come from Misscarraige on KB’s new plate (stolen) … a trumped up charge ( On sec license) , Bottle top payments on Hash cash see Darwin Don, Dumbshit and Sir Prince ( back for his 3rd DD)for hat in circle.

Dumbshit gets to try the new foot icing bedpan including Pizzas left over anal ice.

A touching moment follows as Caustic Crusader hands over the “King Rat” hat and mantle to Swollen.

Swollen then gets initiated into Rat pack pay back with a DD for having his new hat on in circle. Hitler strikes a note.

Pizza is back on the ice and declares bladder capacity issues.

Botcho challenges the last POW to get it or its last awarded member back ASAP.

Pizza’s bladder issues are solved?????????

Now loved gives the nosh 7.5

GM announces some changes to Hash costs …. Refer his note prior to departing to interhash. GM announces this has been “a taste of things to come” this year.

Don’t forget!! Bring your plate …Win a prize. Don’t bring your plate …….. $2 each.

Next week’s run ……. Bung ……… Bilgepump memorial run from McIntosh park pit stop.

Minister for loose ends will stand in for GM for the next few weeks.

Circle closed at 8-05PM.

How do we fit soooooo much into one night?

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