Run 1703

Run: 1703
Hare: Bung & Point Two
Location: MacIntosh Island
Date: 21st June, 2010

The chill of a winter’s night was not to put off a depleted pack caused by mass evacuation of our loyal members to interhash from paying their respects to fallen member “Bilgepump”. The pack gathered at McIntosh Park pit area preceding 6 pm for the mandatory 6.15pm start. The hare arrives right on 6.15 and acting GM Sir AH calls the pack to order and Point Two announces the trail is in gyprock, gyprock and gyprock……… oh fuck!!! Another slog on the tarmac echoes from the pack. A fast run through the park along Tedder ave and round the beach to Budds Beach boat ramp past a very interesting set of “Gyprock arrows” finds the pack together for a cold XXXX gold and a commemorative port gathered on the shores of Budds Beach to hear a tribute from Bung (our man of FEW words) for Bilge Pump and to a traditional Hash hymn in memory.

Back to the park for a savory nosh of organic hamburgers cooked by our virgin Bunge and prepared by Point Two who only told the pack three times how long it took to prepare the sliced tomatoes, pineapple and beetroot…….. Amazing how they don’t cut that beetroot and pineapple before they put it in the can ???????? KB gets the arse as assistant chef and a list of amateurs do a reasonable job of cooking the fare.  $15 hamburgers… what a bargain echoes from a few (hamburger cooks included).  Just wait……… all is forgotten when the pack devour the nosh with numerous visits back for seconds and thirds. Lots of members plates are visible … the $2 cost is working a treat with some balancing the burger on a bread slice to avoid the penalty.

Ferret assists with protocol and calls 1 minute to circle to assist Acting GM Sir AH at 8.45pm. Aussie SUCKS up to acting GM with dribble and gets away with it, the R/A arrives with his regalia looking like fresh from an audience with a divine power and announces the staff of doom and new hash punishment will prevail. Some suggest the R/A might be into other activities with his new regalia, however the R/A insists he is feeling the power more each day.
Hares Bung and Point Two( quoted as the “Virgin” and the “Old Virgin”) are called to circle and given the mandatory DD …….. Fellow hamburger cook Josephine suggests amazing value for the 25% increase in weekly subs is clearly reflected in the nosh and declares that quantity has added bonus points to take the “nosh score” out to an amazing 8/10. Hamburger bias is suspected as a contributing factor. Josephine offers a note.

Errant POW Cameron returns the pack with “prick” in hand. A prompt call for POW from AGM Sir AH sees Cameron award it to Tightarse to give “NEW BLOOD” to the award. On Sec questions the term “New Blood”  Hmmmmmmmmmm Tight arse no more maybe????
Croc gets a yellow card from ref Sir AH for talking back at the ref.
The new POW DD container proves to be a challenge to Tight Arse with a  double   Triple Quadruple   Quintuple  Sextuple  breach of hash tradition.

Quote ….Tradition 7. “When drinking in the circle, your beverage must be full. If it is not you may receive donations from the other hashers. The circle will sing the Down Down song and then the hasher in the circle will drink his beverage. If at any time the beverage leaves the lips prior to its entire contents being drunk, then the remainder must be dumped over the head of the drinker. Having finished your beverage, you tip it upside down over your head to show the other hashers your drinking skill and you may exit the circle.”
AGM hands over to his holiness R/A
Aussie is first victim with the hat on (told 4 times) in circle and gets to initiate the new straight arm hash tradition object of GCHHH. Aussies fails to get one drop home to the required mouth area ( amazing considering the size of it )and contributes to the family washing pile once again. Tight Arse and Dumbshit get DD’d for over achieving, Two Dogs offers a note.
Rainbow has a strange “Partner ????” flat mate arrive to circle unannounced and is accused of breaching RULE ONE of Hash.   He says “ no” …. I save that for my sister!!!

Charges are called for …….

Botcho charges KB with mobile phone use on the run, KB claims he is only checking on Caustic who is on an undercover mission in Brisbane Fortitude Valley looking for assistants for the AGPU … Well done Caustic, good to see you doing soooooooo much early research. A DD follows.
Botcho gets Hash Karma as Swollen notes his new shoes …. A traditional shoe DD follows.
Caustic’s run list is almost complete … you can go solo or pair up old farts and new virgins, but very shortly you will be advised the list is final and you must then arrange your own swaps if you cannot do your run, and YOU MUST ADVISE TRAIL MASTER CAUSTIC CRUSADER. Caustic will be at next week’s run with his trusty lap top to finalize the year!!!
Returning runners Mad Mike and Cameron were recognized with DDs
Rainbow announces a new job and his new boss is no other than Dumbshit. It is quality control officer at the Gold Coast airport.  HASH TIP ……. Fly out of Brisbane!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swollen gets a yellow card from Ref Sir AH with minutes to full time for dobbing.
Circle closes 9.12 pm
Almost made it under the hour.
On On
Kitchen Bitch
PS. Thanks Croc for all you help setting this up.

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