Splinter Hash Lunch 5

Splinter Hash: 25th June 2010
Host: Botcho
Location: Cav’s Steak House, Labrador

From the Gold Coast Bulletin Social Pages

Miscarriage misses Splinter Lunch

An unhappy Miscarriage was a no show for the June Splinter Lunch as he had to make a dash to Canberra to be beside his friend and mentor Kevin 07

A tearful Kevin Rudd speaks at Parliament House after it was announced he will stand down as Prime Minister. In his final speech as PM he thanked his family and friends for their support over the last 3 years. He gave special thanks to one of his true supporters Miscarriage and stated that he would love to join the Hash House Harriers on the Gold Coast for a lunch in the near future.

Bouncer comes out of retirement

A damper was put on Bouncer’s long lunch at Cav’s Steak House when he receives a call from his old boss. The conversation was short, in fact only a few words. “We need you Bouncer return to work Monday” For the first time in his life he was lost for words.

When asked Mrs Bouncer said that she was    delighted with the news.

Keith invited to Urbanville

The Urbanville Mayor in waiting Point Two has invited Music star Keith Urban to attend his house warming party in the new year. Keith has requested that he would like a room with view for him and Nicole.

Apparently the invitations are in the mail.

Hash House Harriers Celebrate

An elite group of Hash House Harriers known as the Splinter Hash held a Gourmet luncheon at Cav’s Steak House to celebrate their anticipated win in next weeks $50,000,000 Oz Lotto. Excitement was high as the Hashers had a few cleansing ales prior to lunch.

Most talked of retirement, holidays and new cars. The banker of the group Bent Banana could not help himself, his calculator was out in a flash and the pending        interest payments on his share put a smile on his face.

Bounce said that Mrs Bouncer would have to look after his share because he would be too busy working.

The group is still pondering on Botcho’s comments.

The game of hide and go seek starts next Wednesday. Don’t try and find me in Australia!! What did he mean?

The group dined on prime steaks, a bottle or two of fine red. The conversation  during the afternoon was        inspiring but a little loud at times. Point Two was stonkered  half way through his second bottle of red as Mrs Two Dogs arrived about 3;30 to take TD back to his kennel. Point Two and Bouncer also took advantage of a ride home. Point Two had a fridge full of VB waiting for him and Bouncer needed to get home and sort his tool box out for an early start on Monday morning.

Bent Banana took the remaining few stayers to The Grand for a few more cleansing ales, as if we needed more. Apparently we did because it was dark when Cappa arrived to take us home.   Thanks Cappa

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Guest Reporter

Two Dogs will host next Splinter lunch

If Two Dogs wins the game of Hide & Seek and finds Botcho with the money he will host the July lunch at Paradise Point.

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