Run 1704

Run: 1704
Hare: Blowfly
Location: Len Fox Park, Labrador
Date: 28th June, 2010

Full moon glistening over the Broadwater set the scene for a scenic run through the picturesque city of down town Labrador. Hashers were seen admiring the wonders a nature as they prepared for this momentous occasion. GM Flasher had returned early from Interhash and Blowfly’s nosh was not to be missed. Somehow it seems the word had not spread about this occasion ( or had it ???)
A smallish number of the GCHHH pack headed off over the biggest set of arrows in hash history to the sights and sounds of this beautiful part of the world. Alas the phantom trail eraser had struck around the sporting club area… …… blamed on the complex caretaker by our self confessed novice hare. Another hash debacle follows with many claiming to have completed the entire run. Strange how they return from many and varied directions ( I could never figure that out?? On sec) Walkers were instructed “ Walk up the yummy mummy trail” to the bridge and back. Simple !!!

Romantic moonlight drinks followed the run with a nosh catered for twice the number, so portion control was not an issue …… many second and third helpings of the hearty winter pasta and sticky date dessert were dished out to the pack. R/A’s dog even got a serving. (only time the poor bastard gets fed).

Returning GM Flasher called circle at 8.40 pm … just getting in before Josephine !! GM announces the weather at Interhash was crap and the memories of his last visit there were not the same somehow ( probably sober this time). Sir Prince, VD, Moonbeams and the rest of the GCHHH team continue to check out the religious sites and local customs spreading good will all the way. The hare Blowfly is called to circle to get “pretty good” as the vote on his run from Jigsaw. “Hierarchy members getting lost on the run was not a good sign Blowfly” was heard to come from GM ( But who is to speak on “getting lost”)
Rugggg and Ozzzzie were noted as the greatest number of helpings at the nosh. Josephine passed a note congratulating the hare on an excellent job. Wait –a- while was our visitor from Cairns and returning runners Me Me and Stubby were invited to circle, DDs all round followed a note from Aussie.
R/A called for charges and the RAT PACK sprang into action….. Caustic laid NUMEROUS charges against Swollen in particular the very serious charge of potential breach of RULE ONE of hash, followed by pyromania (we all know he is guilty of that) and brown eye/ indecent exposure (WE also know he is guilty of that too). Such serious charges demanded a more serious punishment so R/A called for the straight arm be applied. More indecent exposure followed and even a part brown eye was thrown in for good measure. Swollen proceeded to take a public bath with the straight arm …. More practice is obviously needed.

Me Me was sprung (dobbed by Josephine) for BYO rum and cokes, so a demand for Hash corkage and another major punishment from the R/A followed ( Has the power gone to his head??) Me Me also takes a public bath.

Girls gets a DD
GM calls for Prick of the week . Tight Arse obviously doesn’t know the rules and arrives to circle with the prick in bag . demands for “put it on “ “Ice him” follow … but it’s a cold night and the R/A must have missed the opportunity.
Josephine has featured a lot in this week’s trash and he takes the ultimate award getting POW for hurrying up circle. Josephine follows hash tradition and empties the remainder of our enormous POW piss bucket over his head.

Aussie finally gets sprung for dobbing on the GM , a note from Botcho and DD follow.

Caustic can’t help himself and makes a disparaging remark about the vertical challenge faced by GM Flasher and is immediately and rightfully (suck, suck) called to circle by Flasher.

Circle finishes on a somber note with a hash hymen for Caustic’s father buried in Scotland today.

Circle closes 9.05pm

On On
Kitchen Bitch, On Sec

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