Run 1706

Run: 1706
Hare: Aussie
Location: Harley Park, Labrador
Date: 12th July, 2010

The new powers of our illustrious R/A Cumsmoke have risen to the unbelievable heights to cause the gods to provide a clear starlit night over Aussie’s run for the first time in five years. Normally a washed out debacle, Aussies run still had the weather threaten to stuff it up with a few arrows washed out late on Monday just so Aussie didn’t feel totally secure.

However the R/A came through with shining colours. 30 Hashers gathered expecting Aussies usual fuck up followed by Aussie pie and peas. Not to be ………. A thousand on backs clearly marked and a fast run through down town Labrador saw Pommie sprinting into the venue gasping for breath cursing the on backs.
A great trail kept the pack together and saw the lot in within 3 minutes. Aussie adjourned to his private bar-b-que to prepare amazing seafood marinara clearly stolen from Charis Bros next door followed by lebbo bread and mum’s recipe filling. Not at all bad from the little AUSSIE battler …. Obviously Show Pony’s classes are working!!!!

8.40PM start for circle gathers the pack.

Sir AH demonstrates the new discipline of the red and yellow cards and introduces the GCHHH gold rewards card program. These cards are of enormous benefit to members and readily available to all who suck up to the GM and the hierarchy with deeds of goodwill.

GM calls for comments on the run ……. Moonbeams calls it a “fuck up” as usual.

Sir Prince calls it as “great” … clearly trying to be the first recipient of the gold card.

Flasher interjects and confirms it IS a fuck up and Prince’s scam fails miserably.

Aussie gets the first yellow card for the night from ref AH and Bent Banana gives the hare a note.

GM welcomes back our international ambassadors from their goodwill tour the interhash and surrounds. Flasher, Sir Prince, Rabbit, Missing Link, Moonbeams, Rockhard, VD, and Ferret are called to the front of the circle. Latrine and Sir Slab are missing with continued duties of Interhash goodwill. Showpony develops selective amnesia when questioned on “surprise-surprise” Sir Prince continues to attempt his ‘Gold Card” quest with gifts for the hierarchy and goes to number one but NO CARD.

On tour comments about Flamingo Club .. Lady boy and a lesbian daughter find Moonbeams claiming total intoxication and zero knowledge of anything???????

Comments on the nosh are called for and Missing Link says “not bad Aussie” after six fuck ups have you finally got it right. Link gives Aussie a 7.5/10. Dicky Knee cops it for running (first time in living memory) to get the nosh before Aussie’s generous helpings of secret herbs and spices. A note is passed by gourmet aficionado Show Pony.

Another attempt at getting value out of the GM’s ghetto blaster has Rock Hard and Missing Link in front the pack reliving a scene from a night-club and “big spender” is echoing across the local area of Labrador ……..another Flasher fuck up follows. Seems stage fright is contagious in hash and our two stunned mullets make a complete “balls” of Flasher’s foray into band management.

GM retreats and calls in the R/A

World Cup comments fall on deaf ears and the R/A starts the night off looking for blood.
Josephine cops it for GM abuse !!!! A SERIOUS offence calling for the initial use of the “TOOL OF HUMILIATION” Dumbshit assists and Josephine is on all fours giving Dumbshit a “blow job” Hmmmmmmmmm !!! Rule one ????

Miscarriage is moved to tell the Tapioca for breakfast tale about a “Cuntuckian” gent the “Reverend” who assisted with his mate’s breakfast juices or something.
—————————Censored ————————————

Botcho and Bung get the first Gold Cards ever issued for excellent sucking to the hierarchy.

POW Miscarriage nominates the on-tour members claiming “inner circle secrets”

Cumagen for his slack first aid,
Sir Prince for his nursing abilities with slipping black drop bears,
Sir Rabbit for his candid camera exploits and Missing Link for his goodwill expertise.

Finally settling on the tour reporter … Sir Rabbit.

Thanks you dobbing C&%# was heard to come from our “wild man from Borneo Rabbit. Nice to see our long serving Sirs with such loving care and respect!!!

Miscarriage gives a note and the piss pot wins again …… 4 goes to get it down and the 100% failure rate to down it continues.

Next week’s run is EX Trail master Botcho ( the pressure is on !!!!) promises of an OFF ROAD RUN with bring a torch offer thoughts of an excellent night.

Cumagen boasts about only turning 50 this week ……… surely as booze master and 50 .. That’s got to see a carton of crownies. Happy Birthday !!!!

Caustic can’t help himself being under 60 himself and makes insulting remarks about “THE OLDER MEMBERS”

Botcho reminds all of the splinter hash lunch at Paradise Point.

9.20 PM circle closes.
PS.. Thanks Bung !!!!
On Sec
Kitchen Bitch.

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