Run 1707

Run: 1707
Hare: Botcho
Location: His Pad. Helensvale
Date: 19th July, 2010

24 Hashers and one lost soul gathered for the Botcho challenge to the ultimate run.

Last year’s trail master was certainly a challenge to make sure we had NO FUCK UPS …. Well someone forgot to tell miscarriage. Sadly your scribe arrived a minute or two late thanks to the navigational skills of Shat who remembered going to Botcho’s once but got pissed and clearly forgot the way. Shat and KB spread hash goodwill among the patrons of the Helensvale Golf Club and get away with it (so far). So the run details are scratchy.

The outdoor area of Botchos palace on the 10th tee was a picture with the pizza oven glowing and spreading a warm glow over the pack on their return over the golf course to 50cent beers on tap thanks to the Flash Party generosity and amazing negotiating skills of our booze master Cumagen.

Both light and heavy were available however our virgin keg operator appears to have preferred Mr Wippy frozen offering for the light instead. The pack settled in for a few quiet ones and then a nosh or homemade soup, garlic bread from the oven, then pies, peas, spuds and gravy, followed by something that looked like a dehydrated s#@% but tasted great …. Botcho was later to confess that the baking powder used was only 3 or 4 years past its use by date?????? Hmmmmmmm !!!

One hour into the nosh someone says where is that noisy fucker Misscarriage ??

Who fucking cares was the basic reply……. Moments later the little fellow arrives down the side of the house, cursing all in sight, he claims to have done 3 laps of Helensvale and passed the same caravan on the road 3 times. It appears the cause of the problem was actually a section of long grass on the trail and Miscarriage joined the Fuckarwy tribe. Caring Sir Prince offers profound sympathy with…. “Shut the fuck up …24 others got it right” ………….Miscarriage blames the FRBs

Botcho takes care of poor Miscarriage and gives him the works burger nosh.

Circle is called at 8.45 and the first keg is almost empty.

The Hare Botcho is first in.

Aussie rates the nosh as excellent and Moonbeams offers a note.

GM Flasher asks for comments on the new booze method and it gets a unanimous vote of approval from the pack.

The R/A is called in early by the GM and arrives looking like he has been raiding Blackie’s dress-ups closet and found the ultimate glitz and glamour papal outfit.

He takes over from the Flasher fuck ups and opens with the Holy Ale flop.

Botcho is back in circle for comments on the run and Miscarriage is stymied saving Botcho from certain death, Botcho gets to offer Miscarriage a note and the pair reverse the offering too. Jigsaw complains about the bike on the driveway (should have been looking) and Missing Link offers a note.

All the while Botcho’s pies continue to coooooooook and the R/A mysteriously ends up with his first official cremation ceremony to perform. Pie expert Old Fart gives a note    ( wouldn’t see this at boy scouts he mutters ) Miscarriage gets a DD for shortcutting and Botcho give a note.

A mystery person ….”Peter” is heard to visit the pack and Ferret is called to circle to explain this “normal naming of a hash member” he fails miserably and gets a DD and a note from Blowfly.

R/A calls for charges and Miscarriage is straight into it having been stymied earlier, he is out for revenge and his time in the limelight ( must be the politician in him) Rug cops it for the mess on Botcho’s spotless patio and Aussie gives a note.

KB charges Old Fart and Jigsaw for G#@ text messaging at hash a VERY close breach of “rule one” during the DD puts both of them an the G#@ radar by our secret “rule one” observer.

POW Sir Rabbit is called to pass on this coveted award, Rockhard is nominated for “Fart sharing freely” however the obvious happens and the two sirs … get square with Sir Prince getting the POW for dobbing on his EX mate. Sir Prince christens the new half yard glass with amazing capacity skills.

Rockhard get a DD for picking up a parasite in Bolivia on his recent trip overseas …….. well they both start with a “B” but just a few thousand Ks apart Hmmmmmmmmmm!! Sir Prince offers a note.

Dumbshit and Cumagen confess to birthdays and make the amazing offer of “ CROWNIES ALL ROUND” coming up.

The Joke session starts and Shat, Aussie, R/A Cumsmoke, Dumbshit all feature.

Sir AH announces the bike run is coming up so polish up your trikes guys.

Next week’s run is Stubby and IT IS HIS 60th BIRTHDAY TO BOOT.

Aussie can’t resist and SUCKS UP to the GM once more with minutes to go!!

Miscarriage announces he has finally thawed out…………Probably from all the warm comforting comments from the sharing and caring pack!!!!!!!!

Circle closes at 9.14pm

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