Splinter Hash Lunch 6

Splinter Hash: 30th July 2010
Host: Two Dogs
Location: Juliana’s, Paradise Point
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A fine group of 22 (I thought I counted 23 at one stage, but that’s another story) arrived at the very northern Paradise Point dining precinct creating travel logistic exercises of epic proportions, according to the travelers of course.

This destination of degustation is quickly catching Tedder Avenue as the “silicon valley” of the Gold Coast and frequented by many a “dodgy” character in dark glasses and fast cars. Accordingly Two Dogs had sought this out as a very apt venue for this month’s dining extravaganza. After searching high and low (or more to do with too much time on his hands), Juliana’s was the chosen venue, which served two courses and a glass of wine for $15 or $20, great value and a great response all round from the hungry participants. Even with the numbers jumping rapidly from 12 to 15 to 20 the service was brisk and friendly and not a beat missed (I think).

The waitress was however very amused when Two Dogs tired to convince her that we were in fact a running club and contained many finely tuned athletes. As she gazed at the “athletic” types before her I wonder why she just nodded and said “sure you are”! This same waitress made the mistake of inviting her Mum along (who was visiting from England), who was quickly set upon by the ever watchful and opportunistic pack with their well rehearsed smooth lines.

t was noted on arrival that Goatfarka was being praised by all and sundry for his excellent contribution to the words this week. No doubt he can now apply for a Hierarchy extension to his somewhat shortened reign as co-booze master.

It was also noted that some Hashers were jealous that their similar past endeavours had now been swept under the carpet and that they could see their opportunity to re-enter the hierarchy (and replacing their snouts in the trough) slipping away yet again.

As usual the group gathered their funds and splashed out on the compulsory Lotto ticket, however this time with so many participants we will only get some $181,181.18 each, hardly worth the $2.00 now is it?

Miscarriage Takes Show Pony on Campaign Trail

With Kevin 07’s  health not the best Miscarriage has taken his good mate Show Pony on the campaign trail.
They where both seen last week in MacKay, North Queensland talking to locals in several bars. When asked for a comment on how the campaigning was going he stated “that it was a tough job but someone had to do it.”

Pandas Eating too Much Bamboo

Local business tycoon Nasty is battling with Pandas for more  bamboo. On a recent trip to China he met with the Panda Leader, “Munch Alot More”. The munching went on for several days with Nasty demanding more shoots for his booming flooring trade in Australia

Discussions came to an end on the second day when “Munch Alot” ate his way out of the enclosure and vanished. The new Leader “Munch Less” agreed with Nasty’s demands and will have his group cut back on the munching. The deal breaker was that Nasty returned all off cuts to their relations in Adelaide.

Mrs Bouncer was seen drinking Champagne at Lime Tree Parade last week. When asked what she was celebrating, she only had a few words to say “Bouncer is back on the tools”
What that means I don’t know you will have to ask her!!

Chairman Sir Rabbit concluded proceedings with his most lengthy, and red wine fuelled, speech to date and somewhere announced that the August event may or may not be occurring on the Show holiday and may or may not be again in the Paradise Point dining district. In other words stay tuned for more information.

Somewhere around 3:30ish the group started departing home for their afternoon naps, Crocodile was on strict orders and duly picked up along with Two Dogs, his father in law, Kev, and a “somewhat becoming emotional” Rug. the others started departing in similar fashions and another great Friday ticked off.
Two Dogs
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