Run 1721

Run: 1721
Hare: Bent Banana
Location: Nerang
Date: 25th Oct, 2010

GCHHH Run 1721 Bent Banana

Poofta (Boat) Park Nerang saw the gathering of an unusually smaller number of hashers.


GM Flasher is still overseas spreading hash goodwill, so acting GM Sir AH calls the pack together just on 6.15pm where the hare declares the trail is on flour, paper and chalk. So guess we are off into the shiggy!!! The R/A’s powers prevail and the rains have gone completely around our trail leaving it perfectly marked. A few VERY minor sprinkles and the R/A has dodged the ice once again.

On On out into the darkness the pack goes, walkers you will see a “W” for you so follow that, the rest of you On On.

First officially back is Cumagen, just in time to fix the gas on the keg that Sir AH and many other advisors have completely stuffed up!!

It’s a full moon night and the pack gathers for a few cold beers of the keg and then amazing corned beef, cabbage, carrots potatoes and homemade pickles. Sounds mouth watering doesn’t it …… WELL IT WAS !!!! No portion control tonight there is heaps to go round!!

This was followed by homemade fruit salad and whipped or option pure cream.

By this stage the pack are happily replete and rubbing their full bellies thinking of those poor bastards that are not here!

8.28 Sir AH calls circle.

Latrine is asked to comment on the nosh and reverts to KB for a score 9.9/10 is the score …… a SERIOUS contender for N.O.T.Y.

Sir Slab comments on the run …….. VERY VERY good run was the result, well marked with interesting elements like creek crossings and the like.

Sir Slab offers a note.

Next week’s run is Aussie somewhere in the Paris end of Labrador.

POW Pizza is missing, rumored to be tied up with his harriette polishing up the prick.

The R/A is up next dressed in his off duty R/A gear, seems the papal gear is only for formal occasions now (me thinks the dry-cleaning bills are killing him)

Any charges???

KB is up first …… seems caustic has added to the poor reputation of the Gold Coast police by using the police vehicle as a taxi to get home (at 6AM) from the V8 races.

KB gives a note.

Sir Slab remarks on the lack of courtesy exhibited by Blackie having knocked an old lady over while on the hash bike ride. The lady ends up unconscious and Blackie rides on ?? The comment was “Just a bloody Kiwi!!”

Sir Slab offers a note.

Caustic gives it to missing link for falling OFF BOTH SIDES of the bridge crossing.

Old Fart gets it for his first venture into handy-man extraordinaire. If the R/A can do it anyone can is the theory!!! Wrong…….. seems all went OK with mounting the clothes dryer on the wall UNTIL it came time to open the lid of the washing machine ????????? But he (the team) won the footy on the weekend.

Bent Banana offers a “howl at the moon” note.

Moonbeams confesses to being first to lose his shiny new Hash glass……… But that’s OK acting GM “I found a box of brand new ones “.

Two Dogs is accused of stealing Nasty’s parking spot by driving up the wrong side of the road to get it. Don’t forget we are across the road from V8 Super Car headquarters. So Two Dogs figures he can do what he wants.

Nasty gives a note.

REMINDER …. Splinter lunch THIS Friday call Qwakka or Sir Rabbit to register or run the risk of missing out on the super dooper steak.

Bung is called to nominate the secret letter ……. Bit hard without a computer Acting GM .

It’s “T” of course but Bung gets a DD anyway!!!

It’s 8.45 PM and Moonbeams is twitching on this full moon night……. A world record for the shortest circle is looming!!!!

8.46 PM Moonbeams does it !!!! END OF CIRCLE …….. A record!!!

On On

KB .

Well done Bent Banana …….. Corned beef sangers for the next week .. Yum!!!

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