Run 1722

Run: 1722
Hare: Aussie
Location: Coombabah
Date: 1st November, 2010

Aussie takes a dash of daring and steps outside of his beloved Labrador into a brand new venue, seems the invitation to attend a hash run also went out to the local squadron !!!!!! Mosquito squadron that is !!!!!!!!

The pack gathers at the gates of the nature reserve in Coombabah and the clock strikes 6 PM …………. Gates close!!! It’s 6PM .

On On round the gates and onward into the mosquito infested swamp the pack goes, kangaroos and native wildlife abound this spot of Aussie’s. Dicky Knee stays back to mind the keg and gear set up already by booze master Cumagen and his new able assistant Sir AH.

It’s now 6.35pm Dicky has retreated to the car to do his guard duties, seems some of the local squadron found they wanted to linger with Dicky and attempt to eat him alive.

Walkers wander off down past the airfield and the runners are out in the boonies dodging kangaroos.

The pack starts to arrive back at the nosh just as Sir Prince Valiant arrives via Victoria. He’s been down to Blowfly’s wedding (a comprehensive report is coming …….. seems sooooo much happened it will take a few days to prepare, stand-by it’s worth the wait)

A fantastic nosh with ABSOLUTE perfect portion allotment is dished up by Aussie. Roast chicken with all the trimmings is VERY well received by all, then followed by ice creams sticks to top of a great nosh……….. Well done Aussie!!!

GM Flasher is back from O/S circle is called at 8.35pm.

No sponsor the week …… seems GM had telecommunications hassles from O/S

Dicky Knee is in first ……. For no apparent reason …. “Just stand there Dicky”

Run comments are called for from trail master Caustic …….. “ Boring, Straight run, No shaggy ….. poor effort!!” is Caustic’s comment ….But don’t forget it is Caustic making them !!

Josephine is asked for further comment and he quotes it as “GREAT RUN 9/10” GM

(I’m confused!!)

Cumsmoke is asked to comment on the nosh ……..” It’s got to be Nosh Of The Year” GM , I also got two ice creams!!

Bung gives a note and refuses to quote on the after run activities of last week.

Dicky Knee finally gets called for yellow code ….. The GM figures he finally has this wirily fox in his sights, Dicky asks Crock …… No fucking idea!!! Then Blackie …… can’t even turn the computer on GM Hmmmmmmmmm GM might have Dicky.

Dicky fronts up with the letter “O” just as serial pest Pizza starts up an Italian chorus of “O” “O” “O” “O”

Dicky is OFF the hook!!! Amazing after all his interjection and comment on the one or two (Million) mossies.

Visitors ….. Barnacle from Porta Galera (Think that’s how you spellit!)

For those that have a GPS it’s 1357Nth 12139 East

Bent Banana is called the give a note and hands down a rendition of Barnacle Bill like no other.

A DD follows.

GM Flasher passes a vote of thanks to Sir AH for standing in while he has been swanning around in the typhoons overseas.

R/A is called………

Ferret gets it for R/A abuse ( Don’t know why anyone would do that)

Sir AH gives the note.

Missing Link is asked for comment on the splinter lunch …….. nothing for the press !!!!!!! A number somewhere between 17 and 22 attended depending on what part of Link’s comments you take it from. Ferret appears to have behaved, but couldn’t understand why the metre maids didn’t want to come home and meet Mummy ??????

POW Pizza called and through a slurrrrrrrrrred summary of abuse and wanting to take the prick home for the fourth week in a row (seems he has found a use for it ?????????) he finally settled on Dicky Knee who had to arm wrestle it off him. Dicky’s abuse of the Hash keg and frothy beer for everyone won Dicky POW. Not a bad attempt at the POW yard glass ….. but too much spillage!!

CHARGES are called by R/A Cumsmoke.

First up is Caustic with a very serious charge indeed…………..

A blatant abuse of THE FIRST RULE OF HASH says Caustic …. “A homophobic offence GM”

Seems a hash member has written “I LOVE COCK” into Caustic’s troublesome neighbour’s lawn with round-up weed killer!!!!!!!!!!

CUMSMOKE is charged with this very serious offence and for the first time appears to be totally lacking any defence.

The charge is put to the vote of the pack …………A resounding GUILTY AS CHARGED !!!!! is the result ……..

The upshot is ….it seems Caustic is now very popular in his street.

Pay back …….. Cumsmoke gets Caustic for his new abode

Seems it is co-habitation with benefits Hmmmmmmmm!

Two Dogs gives the note.

Sir Prince is asked for comment on the wedding of the year.


Convert the restaurant into a chapel in 30 minutes.

4 inches of water running under foot

Bridesmaids in gumboots.

That’s just a taste of what will be in Sir Prince’s wedding bliss report out soon.

Next week’s run …………BUNG

From Mariners Mate B-Arm Mariners Cove Main Beach.

It’s now 9.10pm

MOONBEAMS calls “ End of circle”

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