Run 1723

un: 1723
Hare: Bung
Location: Coombabah
Date: 8th November, 2010

Bungs Boating Bash!
Loaves and fishes!
Lynn’s Lovely Lavishes!!

Call it what you like, it was “smiles all round” as self confessed rank novice Bung delivered the goods.

Mariners Cove Marina B arm number 40 …. Were the instructions for the meeting point for Bung’s Bash. A nostalgic night with fond memories of Bilgepump flowing back and his wife of thirty five years there to greet us on the very boat he built from nothing.

I’ve catered for about 26 says Bung. The guys at Peter’s Fisho are doing the fish and chips, we got some 13 steaks donated (Think I know for where too) and Lynn has whipped up a salad or two…. So we should be OK !!!

Well that was fine until the 37 th Hasher turned up just as the run started!!!
Plan “B” Lynnie better butter more bread and we will dice the steaks …. They will never know!!!!
Call the fisho and get the fish cut into portions too!!!

On On ….. head South down Sea World Drive >>>>>>>
Walkers …….. Head up the road until you get tired and head back, you can’t get lost!!!
Cumagen arrives with the kegs and Sir AH is straight into booze mode……… Great !! We are back on draft beer.

Fantastic arrows guide the pack around Main Beach and back to the boat like homing seagulls. The pack gathers around the wharf for lots of chat and Latrines diet guide to healthy living with his strides now a clear four sizes too big.

The loaves and fishes trick almost works with Sir Prince stepping in to help KB with the last minute steak fest and EXTREME portion control… all on budget of $140… THANKS LYNN.

It’s 8.13 pm … Circle in three minutes calls GM Flasher.
8.16PM ………….Form a straight circle ?????????????

Dicky Knee this week’s POW is into it early giving the pack plenty over being “straight” Fuck off Dicky. Calls the pack.

First in is the hare, Bung.

Old Fart is back in time to report on the run….. Obviously marked on a bike!!!
GM says he had a “hard on” (was that a marking term or was he just very pleased??) 5PM Bung re-marked the run but the kids still beat him in one section by rubbing out the marks ( that’s Hash)
Veteran says “bit short … but my type of run”

Nosh comments came from Nasty giving the rice salad 10 out of 10 and the marinated streak “great”

Latrine’s plate of salad was still there but Latrine was nowhere to be found …. Seems rice is not on the diet!!

Nasty gives a note!!

Mario … the wog with the yanky accent …. But, not enough dosh to buy shoes.
Commander Head ……….. F%$#, F%&$ I’ve been doing my bit to keep this F&%$ING country afloat.

RETURNING … Blowfly back from his wedding bash …… no comment on any marital achievements!!

Sir Prince gives a note and springs straight into a report on the Splinter Lunch.
“I’m cured” claims Sir Prince ( is that like ham???)

Seems DEBARCLE is the only word suitable…………

It was the Phantom that reported the greatest casualty …… Home by 6.45 and tucked up in bed BUT achieved amazing results in the 6hrs 15 minutes from the start of the lunch……… Who else can sign up for AND PAY for the Mekong Delta Run, Buy and TAKE DELIVERY of a Corvette Stingray (LHD)and consume 6 bottles of fine wine in just 6 short hours.

Miscarriage offers a nooooooooooooote!!

R/A is up next

Miscarriage is back …. Seems Two Dogs was the one on TV giving the head jobs to the footballers.
A DD follows and Two Dogs announces training camps are on each Thursday … draw straws for giver or receiver.

Dicky Knee gives a very precise report on a very unsavory incident the police asked to cover on the cameras in central Surfers at 3 AM Saturday morning.

Seems a prominent member of a known drug cartel was spotted with some slack looking moles and a pimp in association with this known felon.

The Pink shirt on the pimp made him easy to track through the crowded streets, until this person turned to the camera ( As this person is apt to do)

Seems the passion for cameras was finally his undoing!!!!!!!!

CUMSMOKE ……. Front and centre.

5 Drunken chicks and a “Rule One” shirt ………… Guilty as charged for the second week in a row.
One Chick on each arm Cumsmoke claims ………. Dicky says that’s right …. She was that big it was ONE chick on each(of his) arms.

That’s TWO self confessed whales so far Cumsmoke.
Cumsmoke you are …………….POW

Dicky gives a note ………. R/A does a reasonable job with the DD, but not in the running for a prize.

Bung charges the R/A with not doing the run and Croc for just being there.
DDs followed with the R/A into second attempt straight after the POW DD.
Visitor Mario gets it for taking a piss and is conned into the damp patch cover up.
KB suffers another fuck up with GM height comparisons and sadly gets Nasty, Sir Slab and Croc ( sorry guys) a DD for their measure too.

Bung calls for a special presentation…………….. Lynn .. Front and centre.
Thanks soooooooooo much Lynn !!!!!
A DD for Lynn follows.

The Missing Link calls for a moment of respect for Bilgepump .
The Pack raises their glasses in unison and sound a “Hash Hymn“ to Bilgepump.

Melbourne Cup Sweep prizes are handed out with Sir Rabbit getting third, Two Dogs getting second and Josephine the WINNER.

Josephine announces “it’s a bit late now … So I will shout next week”………… Form a queue.

Flasher announces it was slack week …… No Sponsor, No Code!!

In the absence of Moonbeams …… Point Two calls “End of circle”
It’s 8.47 PM and Marina urinal arms are now officially closed.
Thanks HEAPS Lynn!!

Well done Bung!!
RIP Bilgepump.

On On KB.

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