Run 1745

Run 1745
Hare: Mad Mike
Location: Dog Park. Mudgeeraba
Date: 11th April. 2011

Rain rain go away !!!!
Come again some other day !!!!
Sings the song of our R/A !!!

Mudgeeraba wilds are the backdrop for Mad Mike’s Mudgeeraba Madness …. On On into the rain heads a pack of 22 Hashers up hill and down dale through Mad Mike’s trail. Runners and walkers are back close together and a welcome cold beer under the same sized shelter as last week’s run keeps some of the pack dry.
Enough nosh for 40 hashers arrives after an extended time and portion control is in NO way needed. Beef stew with a touch of chilli over a bed of rice followed by chocolate sponge cake even stops our R/A after 4 serves.

Circle in 5 minutes rings out at 8.30pm.

CIRCLE …. Its 8.35pm

Shut the f%$# up !!!!! Flasher is getting cut !!!

Two Dogs announces the sublimely obvious …. “It’s raining GM “

HARE …. Mad Mike
“Lovely to have you back in town” announces GM Flasher.

“ Are you coming each week from now on ?????” YES GM !!!!!

NOSH report …. Josephine says “way over standard GM …….“ How will my pathetic hamburgers ever keep up with this ???
Ferret protests “No spuds GM “ …. bloody good job !!!!

Botcho offers the note.

RUN report …….. Ferret claims an injury likely to hamper his sex life and numerous SCBs …. confessing to being a SCB himself with VERY little of the run completed.
Bent Banana … commented on the new arrow style …Hmmmmmmmmmmm !
Cumsmoke gives the note.

RETURNING RUNNERS…. Mad Mike, Now Loved, Missing Link and Croc.

Croc been on an obesity tour GM!!!!

Now Loved on bereavement leave in Sydney GM!!!!

Mad Mike been getting over an accident 12 months ago GM !!!! But I’m back !!

Mi$$$$$$ing link been making megabucks in the Iza GM .. spent most of in Thailand GM looking for interpreters ???????

RUG gives the note.

YELLOW CODE …… Circumference nails it !!! “B” for Botcho GM.

The R/A is next……….
The hare Mad Mike is back for holding the run in a catchment area ……. nothing to do with the failed powers of the R/A ????????

CHARGES….. Miscarriage claims one our hashers has crossed the line on rule one ……. seems Josephine is into poetry cross-dressing and World War 2 hookers …….. “Not Me “ he protests!! Hmmmmmmm !!
Rug gives the note.

POW Sir Prince nominates half the attendees for POW ……

Botcho for spilling beer on the prince’s new shows,

Blackstump for laughing at poor Botcho getting his first icing,

Caustic for icing Botcho, a hard working non Hierarchy Hasher,

Missing Link, Sir Rabbit, KB and Miscarriage are all nominated.

Caustic gets the POW and takes two hopeless goes at downing it … a very poor effort for a Scot!!!

Sir Prince tells the story of getting Princess brownie points by flying to Melbourne and hiring a car to travel half way across the state to visit ma in-law for her 95th birthday …. all to get “F%$# off I’m busy playing cards” $3,000 and two stuffed up flight bookings The Prince blows the brownie points in one hit …. something to do with “Stupid old fart” or similar comment.
Missing link calls ,,,,,, END OF CIRCLE …..

its 8.55PM Another Hash record and Two Dogs goes home happy!!!!

Pssst ……..A NEW campaign for GM is looming ….. Croc has Nathan Tinckler in toe and the price of votes is sky rocketing …. seems flights to the football in Sydney are on offer too. Aussie says can’t buy me !!!!! I’m a Suns supporter through and through …. “ But how much are you paying ?????? “
Morgan Gallop poll results to be published next week.

DIARY Note ……………. Anniversary Milestone Awards dinner run ….. KBs Country estate Tallebudgera……on 2nd May ( The public holiday so a 5pm start) Numbers are essential let Caustic or Missing Link know please.
Hash formal with Jacket dress code ….. Bonfire Bar B Q and KBs catering.

On On!!

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