Run 1749

Run 1749
Hare: Rainbow
Location: Nerang
Date: 9th May, 2011

GCHHH Run 1749 Rainbow/Caustic Crusader Sewerage memorial run.

What’s that on the windscreen??? Surely not rain AGAIN !!! Has the R/A failed yet again??? Well now the wipers are on high speed and the boat in the park can be seen through the blur…. Parked looking into the park it is quite evident the shelters are used as free training facilities by the local fitness trainers ……… little do they know that 27 elite athletes are about to descend on them.

The rain subsides just in time for Rainbow to announce he has only one piece of chalk and the flour was laid 4 hours ago… not looking good !!!!
On On over the bridge a mix of walkers and running trail blazers head into the darkness all headed to pay respects to the fallen hashers since departed.

All goes well and we have 24 hashers gathered at Sewerage’s graveside waiting for the few stragglers to show up ….. 20 minutes goes by and Sir Rabbits Hash foot candle is about to expire …. torch lights over the common give hope that we have finally got the full pack… Nasty says “F$#@ it’s a bloody swamp in there !!” finally Swollen emerges out from under the 3 foot high grass and Old Fart follows in minutes to come in second from a full run for the first in his Hash career. Where the F$%# is that light going ….. A quick head count and it is worked out that Girls is lost in the swamp … finally after countless “Areyou” calls the dim light of Girl’s torch shows round the back of the lake… The pack re-forms and Girls arrives just in time to here the comments of Sir Prince and join in a hymen of remembrance for Sewerage and other departed Hashers. On back to the nosh for Caustic’s chicken curry delight and fresh Turkish bread with enough for seconds all round, followed by Rainbow’s home baked delicacies (Coles)and lamingtons fresh from Woolworths. Caustic has done well with not much notice the pot is scaped dry and 1,000,000 farts are brewing already.

FREE PISS FREE PISS … It’ Two Dog’s birthday Old beers all round… Thanks Two Dogs!!!!!!!!

The fitness guys have finally gone so “Circle in 2 Minutes” is called.

It’s 8.55PM ….. Circle.

The HARE ….. Rainbow.

Seems security came looking for lights across the field. Girls and Miscarriage found a bond in the darkness, Missing link is still looking for his left shoe somewhere in the bog and Swollen has officially joined the Wherethefuckarewe tribe. Mumbles gives the note.

NOSH .. Out sourced Caustic Crusader and Coles direct Rainbow get a vote of confidence from all.
Rainbow says “very good GM “ Hmmm (His run)

Sir Rabbit says …, Where’s the bloody rice??

Two Dogs gives the note.

Missing Link fails but calls hierarchy exemption.
“F” for fart …. Old Fart gets it !!!

Just Bob … Swollen’s guest
Sir AH gives him a note.

Barnacle is recognized and Roy the big “O” is back again with “Only the lonely” echoing across the Nerang river … NOTE .. No hash gear!!!

Sir Rabbit is recognised for his 1400 runs and a royal inquest is opened into Sir Rabbit’s run score ( I’m backing Sir Rabbit) Sir Rabbit is presented with a brand new Hash 1400 runs jacket that is quickly taken back for embroidery. Nasty gets a DD for leaving his treasured silver goblet behind somewhere.

Rockhard gives the note………

Rockhard Back from the West with $$$$$$$$$
Swollen back from London supporting Mrs Swollen having spent $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Suck’s up to GM Flasher with a stale can of pommy piss.
Croc gives the note.

R/A is next.

Charges ???

Caustic lays a trumped up charge about some questionable rule one infringements from kids at the top of the hill last week. Croc adds fuel to the fire with Bonfire tales and KB gets the DD.
R/A debates a nonagon (Nine sides) only to trap the majority in the octagon EIGHT sided shelter.

POW … Just John.

Nominates Nasty coz he is a “nice” person (He’ll learn)

Then Sir Slab for getting him into this Hash bit!!!

Sir Slab gets the POW

Sir Prince offers a note.

GM Flasher announces he is off on official Hash business O/S for 2 weeks.

Flasher also gives a report on Pizza lost at KL airport and rescued by a hasher who turns out to be from the same wog town as Pizza and now found a newest best friend ……Poor bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two Dogs announces is just a mere 52years this week.

Nasty gives him a birthday note.

Ports all round for those who are not driving and a Hash Hymen for departed Hashers.

Next week’s run gets greeted with blank looks from co-hares Mumbles and Rug

“ What F$#%@&*$ Run !!!!!….. Maybe that was because they were in the company of the rest of the dwarfs ( see photos) and the thought they were Dopy and Sleepy.

Bent Banana calls ……. End of circle…..It’s 9.45 PM

KB is off home to enjoy 1,000 farts over the next 5 hours … Mrs KB NOT impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On On

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