Splinter Lunch April 2011

Host: Sir Slab
Location: Celsius Restaurant, Burleigh Heads
Date: 29th April. 2011

What a Lunch. Twenty Hashers joined host Sir Slab for a great afternoon. You could not fault the venue, the wine or the company. The staff at Celsius gave as good as they got and a good laugh was had by all.
Sir Slab also planned a run after lunch which could have been the down fall of most. Running to the Bowls Club then onto the Surf Club saw most of us a little second hand the next day.
Well done Sir Slab.

After many hours of editing Flasher’s Flasherism part one can be viewed here

After many more hours of editing Flasher’s Flasherism part two can be viewed here

Nasty will be the next Host.

3 thoughts on “Splinter Lunch April 2011

  1. Two Dogs

    Even without the editing who would waste 18 minutes of their lives filming this pathetic dribble. I would have slid under the table in pure embarrassment and apologised profusely to the poor staff for having to put up with you lot. Slab may never be able to return to is favorite haunt. Sorry I missed it.

  2. Rock Hard

    Never have so many said so little about basically nothing in the history of hash. I felt very very sorry for the poor waitresses with all you clowns attempting to be funny at their expense. My only regret was that I wasn’t there. I can’t let you all get away with so much fun, so I will join you at the next splinter hash piss up.

    ON ON – Rock Hard

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