Run 1751

Run 1751
Hare: Blowfly
Location: Len Fox Park, Labrador
Date:23rd May. 2011

Where is the R/A ???? It’s pissing down!!!!!

Where is Sir A/H?

Where is Missing Link?

Where is everyone ????????

It’s 5.55Pm and Botcho, Veteran and Sir Slab have shown up!!!

5.57Pm .Ring, ring …. Caustic here … Where the fuck is Cumsmoke?? I’m going to have to drive myself !!!!

6.05Pm We have just hit double figures and the hare has finally shown up smelling like boiled chicken and soy sauce.

6.15Pm The rain has stopped and the total of 14 hashers including the hare head off wondering where the F$#@ the booze master is too!!!

A leisurely wander along the seawall for the walkers ends up at the Grand Hotel public bar for a celebratory drink funded by KB’s mate’s horse that came in a 9 to 1. The runners head out hoping like hell the trail is still there and end up at the Labrador dog park before the rain soaked trail disappears into the drainage system.

On On back to the nosh and a few cold beers …. Cumagen has turned up and 15 happy hashers settle into a meal made for 25.

Mrs Magg’s secret recipe “Beef chow min” enough chicken wings for an army followed by Blowfly’s homemade sticky date pudding and ice cream and Sir Rabbit’s contribution of tasty sweet bits stolen from a Mrs Rabbit function.

The pack is more than satisfied and comments of “Gourmet Hash is back” echo across the park.

The stand in – stand in – stand in – stand in GM Caustic finishes his hash cash duties discovering the black hole now looks more like a crater with only 14 payers tonight …the AGPU stands a serious chance of fish and chips in the park BYO.

Make sure you come along to Botcho’s this week for a great run and nosh and bolster the Hash coffers to boot.

Circle in 2 Minutes … Caustic has got his moment in the sun and dreams of his chances of GM at the AGPU.

First up is the hare …. Blowfly.

NOSH report …. Croc 12/10 acting, acting, acting GM … Excellent

TRAIL report ….. Two Dogs …Found most of the trail but got down to 4 runners in the end.

WALK report … Sir Slab…. nice walk cold beer too.

Rug gives the note.

Hash cash …. no show but the black hole is GROWING !!!

Hash crash (Aussie) …has failed the first horizontal marital planking exercise.

Hash crook ….. Mrs Rockhard …not too well recently, a few complications. All the best Rockhard.

Acting, acting, acting R/A Caustic calls for….

CHARGES…… Croc calls for Blowfly to explain the BLOW-BY causing Mrs Blowfly to be up the duff. No “gumboots” was the reply.

POW … Acting, acting POW, Botcho was commissioned by Dicky Knee to hand the POW to Cumsmoke for thrashing his beloved Essendon … But NO SHOW from the R/A sees the POW held over.

8.10PM Moonbeams calls “ END OF CIRCLE” (world record shortest circle pending)

Next week’s run … Botcho’s golf course pad. 26 Chip-in place Helensvale
The oven will be on !!!! Just look for the smoke haze.
Please attend …. we NEED the money!!!!

AGPU……. just one more run then
Dress Hash Formal …. Top hats mandatory!!!!!
( Sir AH .. Blowfly is looking for his!!)
Pre-Lube Address is ;
The Boat Ramp carpark,
33 T.E.Peters Drive,Broadbeach
(In front of Freshwater Point Apartments)

Pre-lube Drinks and Nibbles
Meet between 4.30 and 5pm and leaving pre-lube venue SHARP 5.30pm

Dress Code
Hash Formal inc Hash tOP Hat,Hash Dress shirt and Hash Jacket/Tails

To be supplied however brush up on your pole dancing and planking !

Travel Arrangements
Make your own way there and back!

World record shortest circle nomination CANCELLED !!!!
Circle re-opened for 3rd time
Splinter lunch ….. Flames grill at Chevron Renaissance this Friday

Sir Slab gets flack over Caustic’s 2nd rate bike and driver error is resolved as the problem.

15 minutes of talking shit follows and it’s now 8.35 as a wet and VERY well fed pack wander home to the slippers and a hot totty.
On On

KB… Just one more !!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!!

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