Run 1750

Run 1750
Hares: Mumbles & Rug
Location: Mumble World. Nerang
Date: 16th May. 2011

GCHHH Run 1750 Rug/Mummmmbles.

The Mummmmbles (playboy)mansion is the venue for this week’s run.

The GM’s away so the mice will play!!!!

Onnnnnnnnn Onnnnn oop tha ill, the pack heads off into the chilled darkness.

SCB’s are out in force and NOT ONE hashers does the full run. Rug drops out early to head back and save Mrs Rug’s catering gear ….. seems the bain-maries work so much better with water in them.
The pack is back in no time having cut half the trail off….. The walkers stumble in last but just in time for enough sausage rolls to feed an army. Followed by an excellent pork casserole, rice served up silver service in Mrs Rug’s catering gear used in Singapore to feed the Hash over there.

Then out comes the bread and butter pudding ……….. Rug has lifted the NOSH BAR to very high levels.

8.12pm Circle in 2 minutes.
8.15pm The SITTING circle starts (GM away privilege)

Acting GM Sir AH calls for the “Hobbit Hares” Rug and Mummmmmmmbles.

Caustic ……. Catering superlative!!!!
Dicky Knee …….. Dessert gets 10/10
Josephine ….. I hated Bread and Butter pudding as a kid and I STILL do !!!

Bent Banana (standing in for Flasher) leads the pack astray and gets them totally off trail.
Rug explains his water run.
Moonbeams gives a note.

TWO DOGS is up next and gets his jacket for 800 runs …. seems he has another 100 runs to claim but there was no Hash official in attendance at the holiday resort.
Point Two gives the well deserved note.

Sir AH announces only 3 weeks to the AGPU …. late bribes welcome … refer Hash Cash or any Hierarchy member.
Miscarriage claims French lessons are under way for his quick dash to the Royal wedding and his twin brother’s Paris visit.

LOST PROPERTY ….. Hash towel … being sent special delivery to Sir Prince in the UK.

POW ….. Sir Slab

Sir Slab claims he has many PRICKS to consider.
Smart Pricks.

Dumb Pricks.
Big Pricks.
Little Pricks.
All Pricks.

But the award goes to POOR Prick Dicky knee that has to have a double knee transplant and lose 50 kgs
Then he is diagnosed with sleep apnoea and had to swallow radioactive tablets.
HOWEVER Dicky has announced he will cancel all of these and his secret transfer to Melbourne ( see Flasher) if his GM campaign is successful.

Mummmmmbles gives the nooooote.

Dicky spews at the ¾ mark on the DD.

R/A is next.
Seems GCHHH has made the records of the Brisbane Supreme court…. how rude of them!!!!!!!! Stating Hash has a SERIAL BINGE DRINKING reputation.

Mumbles charges Point Two with failing the Intelligence challenge to untangle the Christmas bells inside two hours.
Mummmmmmmbles gives the note.

Miscarriage is off to the ROYAL wedding as the official Hash representative.
He is also representing GCHHH at the London Hash run next week while his twin is spreading goodwill an international relations.

Miscarriage again ….. Gets complimented by treasurer Wayne Swan on the Mackay stadium job. By government standards is has been exceptional……. only 40% over budget, 3 months late, Indigenous housing under the seating as a bonus and open air toilets to boot. Well done Miscarriage!!

Missing Link reports all on track for the AGPU … Not to be missed with the black hole in turbo mode.

Next week’s run ….. Blowfly

Seems Mrs Blowfly has had a minor miscalculation on the birth control methods and there is a little maggot on the way.
With the family Hash history this child is destined for a Hash career….. We feel it is our duty to assist with the naming of the child, so please send you suggestion to our web-site.

Splinter lunch will be a Flames Chevron Renaissance…. great steaks!!!!

Shat tells the joke of a unique tattoo on the inner thigh that has both visual and taste/smell senses stimulated.
Its 8.40pm .. The full moon is glistening over the Mummbles garden fish pond, the Playboy bunnies are just about to arrive at the mansion, Hash must depart!!

Moonbeams calls …. END OF CIRCLE !!!!

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