Run 1752

Run 1752
Hare: Botcho
Location: Helensvale
Date: 29th May 2011

GCHHH Run 1752 Botcho
“Palazzo Botcho” Chip in Place looking over the golf course. Botcho’s famous catering and a certainty of a good run. ……………

What else could you wish for ?????

GOOD WEATHER … That’s what !!!!

The R/A has stuffed up all year …. this is certainly his last chance!!!!!

Lightning is flashing across the Northern sky and Botcho is frantically looking at the computer radar images.
As expected the numbers increase beyond 20 and it’s only 5;50PM

26,27,28 …… It’s now 6;15PM

On On ……… over the park and off into unchartered areas of Helensvale heads the pack … only 4 or 5 walkers and everyone else is running.
The booze master has fronted, and the wood fired oven is red hot ready to go with Botcho’s vegies and 8 Aldi special chooks. Let’s hope we are not doing the song from the last run at Botcho’s …. Titled from the group “ The Black Assed Pies”

Sit down service…. Special hierarchy table, with glassware cutlery and crockery. Botcho has gone all out to make sure the GM position is his next year.
WOW !!!!!

This nosh is looking GOOD !!!!

The R/A has kept the rain away and the pack is back singing the praises of the Botcho trail!!!

Potato chips dished up (sadly in front of the R/A Cumsmoke back early ) so that’s one bowl gone.
Nosh is up !!!!!

Oven roasted Chicken, baked spuds and pumpkin along with mixed vegies and gravy…. WOW !!!
Then baked chocolate pudding and ice cream…. This time Botcho has used the baking powder with the used by date of 2011 not 2006 like last time and the chocolate pudding is fantastic. Ferret finds it’s a “mug’s game” to get the right container.

Hash Flash apprentice Ferret is not doing a bad job… the photos will tell the story.

8.30PM Flasher calls CIRCLE FOR THE LAST TIME!!!!!

First up is Dicky Knee.

Mrs Flasher has received a letter about some bloke Norm Williams and his life threatening disorder “ Sleep Apnoea” along with the letter was the life saving latest device on human trial for the first time…..

Our Dicky Knee gets presented with it … See photos!!!!

Sit there all through the circle Dicky!!! Flasher states.

HARE … Botcho.

2 hours setting the run, cooking, cooking, cooking.

SCB’s representative Blowfly gives the run the thumbs up 8/10

Two Dogs does the same score 8/10

Flasher says false trails everyF%$#&%@where.



WALKERS report …. Moonbeams claims “what a %$&#up!! Botcho retorts … silly old prick, should listen …. follow the arrows!!!


Josephine gives the note.

Ferret , Show Pony, Now loved, Flatulence, Pizza.
NOW LOVED …. Been in Sydney getting love bites on the neck GM .
Flatulence…….. Shaggers back GM
Show Pony …….. ( Same as above ) GM.

Pizza …. Been in Philippines with GM spreading goodwill and visiting the historic sites.

Ferret …. Long version or short version GM ???? Ended up the long version anyway… been O/S to Anzac battlefield tour, met a new mate (Kevin someone?????) tours Italy and gets the invite to the Australian taxpayer funded cocktail party holding cocks with Kev. Free piss and food (sounds just like Hash On Sec)

Moonbeams gives the note.

Visitors … Just Rob our in frequent(ly) visitor.

Old Fart gives the note.

R/A Cumsmoke arrives in full Papal outfit for his last swansong… Obviously the ironing lady at Cumsmoke’s place is on holidays.
KB is up with the plebs getting another trumped up charge and the acting acting acting scribe Caustic jumps in AGAIN!!!
Showpony gets it for stolen Hash property.

Mumbles for stealing the R/A’s seat.

Ferret for Hash flash not taking the R/A’s photo and Challis abuse.
ICE ICE ICE ….. sucked in R/A ….. NO ICE !!!!!! on his last chance too!!!!

Dicky Knee gets it for the Gold Coast crime wave.

Swollen takes over as Table service Bitch… He is a strong chance to a hierarchy spot !!!

R/A calls up POW Dicky Knee

Dicky risks ALL and awards the POW to no other than the GM Flasher ….

GM Cleaning the pool instead of attending the splinter lunch and holding up the Hashers who were so diligently going along …

For the first time in a while Dicky has a Friday off, so he too is off to Splinter lunch as follows.

11AM Pick up by Botcho planned
12 noon … Rug rings …. Sorry been on the phone to Flasher.
12.05 Rug shows up.
12.07 Got to drop in to see Flasher ( FUCK !!!!!) MI6 stuff … you know!!!
12.10 Only be a minute !!! In to see Flasher.
12,30 Rug comes back out of Flasher’s… Dicky is asleep (apnea)
12,35 Botcho gives up and has a LLD while waiting.

GM protests ……. Calls on Sir Rabbit for adjudication as MFFC …. Thumbs down.

Flasher is GUILTY as CHARGED ….
DD Flasher.

A total lack of experience in the last year of no DD’s shows as Flasher is only capable of half the DD.
Rockhard gives a report on Mrs Rockhard …. hopefully out of hospital tomorrow … very close last week with major infection after surgery. All the best Rockhard!!!

Botcho can’t hold on any longer …. What about the NOSH report GM ????

Ferret gives it 10/10 the year high score.
Mumbles says … his best meal all week (Playbunnies don’t cook), up to typical Botcho standard.

Ferret gives the note.
A great night …. WELL DONE BOTCHO!!!!!

Next week’s run ……. AGPU

TOP HATS Mandatory.
Hash formal dress.

4,30 for 5PM start at the jetty beside the boat ram beside Freshwater point Apartments.
Boat leaves at 5.45PM SHARP …. Don’t be LATE.

On On for the last time
Had a ball !!!!

One thought on “Run 1752

  1. Two Dogs

    Apart from the great food, venue (as provided by our Host), and great company it was yet another example of another enormous shamble (50 in a row now, I think).

    This Hierarchy couldn’t organise a piss up in a pub, and I thought the Gold Coast City Council were the only useless pricks around (by the way my heart does goes out to Cumagain who has been visiously thrown in the deep end and has done well in his first attempt).

    But wait there’s more to come with the final hurrah next week with yet another, no doubt, successful attempt to delve into the depths of total anarchy, but even bigger than before. Will there be real food, will there be enough piss, will there be the expectant high level of entertainment, who knows? One thing for sure is that the “grand” entry will be another time (and money) wasting cock up and the night will deteriorate (sooner than later) into the complete debacle/rabble we’ve become so used to.

    The good news of course is that a new Hierarchy (sorry Botcho but I don’t think my name was meant to be on the chair in the photo) will be “elected” and we may possibly return to the normal activity of a good run, good food, SHORT but entertaining circles, fun filled events, great give-a-ways, and finally the return of Tooheys Old and light beer (first time in 20 years I haven’t been able to get a choice of heavy beers or a light if I’m driving). We can only hope! Hey, but then again that’s Hash and I still, for some reason beyond understanding, love it!

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