Run 1773

Run: 1773
Date: Monday 24th October 2011
Hare: Rainbow
Venue: Emerald lakes
Runners: 20

Weeks to AGPU: 33
Apparently, as the sob story goes, and I’m sure it’s just as story, poor old Rainbow was playing golf in Melbourne (Kingston Heath, Huntington or Royal Melbourne, I’m sure) when he received his call from the Trail Master to inform him of his forthcoming run duty. And as any Hasher would do, he dropped everything, flew back, and quickly organised a good run and superb nosh, and the pigs will be flying over in formation shortly.

The run site was Miscarriage’s familiar haunt next to the boat ramp on the lakes edge over looking the growing Emerald Lakes enclave. Instructions were given to the 19 starters including look for the coloured (read Rainbow) chalk and don’t get run over.

We headed east along the lakes edge until reaching the bridge and over into the maze of paths, bridges and streets, which is Emerald Lakes . On several occasions the path split into runners and walkers trail but I feel some local knowledge and short cutting may have been taking place as I viewed several runners going in opposite direction to the trail.
The diminishing pack continued around the paths along the picturesque route until finally emerging at the town centre. We kept crossing paths with the walkers and then after a couple of laps of these streets the path ran us towards Neilsons Road.

The now small pack was not happy figuring a long trek home, however the Hare, following us on his Harley Vespa (and sporting an Emerald Angels Patch) advised us that it was only 1.5kms to home. We reluctantly continued after doing a time check.

In some 10 minutes time we were further advised that we were now only some 500 metres from home (after seemingly run 2kms). The problem here was the trail headed further from home before crossing the main road then running back to the start.

His supposed 1.5km took us front running athletes 23 minutes, so do your sums! Back at the start Hash Cash, Blackstump quickly collected the cash, loaded it into his suitcase and disappeared again to invest (siphon off) the booty.

It was a good run with a slight absence of checks and on backs but still received a good score of 6/10 by front runner Swollen.

The coloured chalk and multiple on homes also added to the score. The nosh of Lasagne, potato bake, veges and garlic bread got huge wraps and was scored an excellent 9/10 by Veteran. No need for a bonfire tonight as the pack enjoyed perfect conditions with an absence of the usual chill and blistering winds we normally get here.

Returning runner and now FNQ resident, Goatfarka kept us amused with his All Blacks Rugby game and injured couch story. Another great effort, particularly the nosh and good numbers considering many of the pack still away OS.
** Next week pre Melbourne Cup event, bring extra cash for sweeps **

Down Downs:
Rainbow; Hare

Darwin Don; Visitor recently back from Ethiopia Hash event (less nosh than tonight we figure)

Goatfarka; Returning runner and now FNQ resident, also National Secretary of Fishing and Good Times Political Party

Pile Driver; Drink in wrong hand

Sir Cumference; POW, by Pile Driver, for wearing same shirt as POW

– This Friday 28th October – Splinter Lunch, Vietnamese at Broadbeach, See website for details, 12 noon for 12:30 lunch (BYO)
– 26th November: Hash pre Xmas cocktail evening with partners at “BUMBLES” Budd’s Beach, get your frocks out

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