Run 1774

Run: 1774
Date: Monday 31st October 2011
Hare: Mumbles
Venue: Mumbles World, Nerang
Runners: 19

Weeks to AGPU: 32
It was not to be the usual Mumbles slog around the surrounding hills, nor even the usually anticipated ‘lost tribe’ affair in the Nerang State Forrest, though could have been interesting being Halloween. Instead we got a very mild and reasonably short sprint around the local area.
Mind you there was still the obligatory hills and, as expected on a Mumbles run we managed to lose Darwin Don and Caustic’s “friend” Chris. The trail was well marked, though lacking a few on backs (if any), apart from the section in the bush where the pack wondered around aimlessly looking for the trail.

The run took us through some good paths and side streets and even through a few town house complexes and through the new “home world” precinct where, no doubt, Mumbles acquires his gnomes and water features to keep Mumbles World up to scratch.

After some 40 minutes with a sizeable on home trail the pack finally returned minus the above mentioned duo who had to be rescued by Jigsaw. In the GM’s absence the RA took over proceedings and asked Slab for the run report which was given the comments of a good street run and awarded 5/10.

Sir Rabbit commented on the excellent nosh of chicken, spicy beef & noodles, spuds, more spuds, and rice, and gave it a fitting 7/10 even if Mumbles had some assistance in the preparation. The gourmet has really come back to the Hash in a big way and more to come.

Three of the bike tour was back so a few stories emerged of the usual mishaps one has come to expect. The Melbourne Cup sweeps were drawn with Miscarriage winning the prize from Sir Prince and Rug, money to be paid next week if I don’t spend it first.

A few dressed to impress with their top hats or jockeys caps. Well done Mumbles.

Down Downs:
Mumbles: Hare
Truck Tyre; Late arrival, drove from Sydney but should have left 10 minutes earlier

Mumbles & Truck Tyre: Drinking from wrong hand and failing to spot (Respectively)

Chris & Darwin Don: Lost on run and having to be rescued

Mumbles: Responsible for the two getting lost

Caustic: Mate got lost and given POW by Sir Cumference as a result and for avoiding his Duty of Care

Flasher and Sir Slab: Dobbed by Sir Prince (forced to save his butt by RA) for stuff ups on recent OS tour

Chris& Caustic: Drinking from wrong hand

Miscarriage: Drinking from wrong hand

RA: Self imposed drink for getting Xmas Island and Easter Island wrong

Miscarriage: For false charge against Sir Prince

26th November: Hash pre Xmas cocktail evening with partners at “BUMBLES” Budd’s Beach, get your frocks out! Heavily subsidised discount for early bookings, only $45.00 per person. Includes gourmet food, beer for the Blokes, bubbly for the Gals and BYO plonk if you need to bring your favourite drop.

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