Run 1775

Date: Monday 7th November, 2011
Hare: Sir Slab and Master Chef Sir Prince
Venue: Currumbin

There were 29 hashers take part in the run /walk with the majority taking on the run ,which was great to see
Front runners back just in side 1 hr, a lot of area that most have not seen before, a fairly flat run with a water crossing (which only swollen colon had the courage to cross, a real hasher that swollen not afraid of a little water)  there was also a balance  beam across water which did not claim any victims.
GM/RA Josphine open the circle and called on old fart to give a run report, to which he reported that it was well done and gave an excellent score of 9/10 sir slab was called for a down down
Veteran was then called for a Nosh report, words of excellent, high standard and first class were said before a score of 8.5/10 was given ,
Sir Prince and assistant Flasher were called for there down down
Gm then handed the circle over to him self as RA and called for drinks in left hand with cocka to be dobba ,then out of the blue called on the prick of the week to come forward ,caustic crusader ,caustic had his mind set on only one hasher that being pizza for wanting to go rooting instead of hashing on a Monday night ,no right of reply was entered in to ,the hand over was completed and pizza given the down down ,which seemed to go on and on and on ,in true pizza style.

Black stump reported on the up and coming ball to be held at bumbles at buds beach ,then on the Melbourne cup sweep ,the winner was Miscarriage, followed closely by sir prince then Rug .
Down downs went to Cumsmoke( expedential growth)
Miscarriage for not calling false trail again ,(Bent Banana escaped a down down  )
Miscarriage (left hand)
Melbourne Cup winners (Miscarriage, Sir prince and Rug )
Kb (late to hash with no good excuse)
Botcho (fantastic job on web site )free bucket for Botcho next week as a reward for his out standing web work

RA then called on a bike report, Missing Link came forward and the cone of silence came down .
Moon beams then steps forward and presents RA with a beret he acquired  whilst o/s ,
  Next weeks run is cum smokes at boat ramp TE PETERS DR
Moon beams then closed the circle at 9.25pm
On On
Swollen Colon
Assistant to the On Sec

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