Run 1776

Run 1776.
14th Nov 2011
Hare : Caustic Crusader.
Venue: Frascott Park, Yodelay St, Varsity Lakes.

Late change of venue and Hare saw Caustic Crusader setting a new run…..
Usual bunch of hairy arsed Hashers rocked up from 1745 for the 1815 punctual start; late entrant Old Fart ambled in at 1830 and to his bemusement asked if the pack had left without him? Caustic pointed him in the general direction and told him to “hurry the fukc up and catch up!!

Pack left in usual dis-aray and runners went right and walkers (why do we even talk about those “has beens !!”) went somewhere else!

Trail meandered along Ready Creek before the “walk of death” pipe crossing of a creek tributary; many of the “gay Hashers “and their closet mates refused to cross and decided keep their footsie wootsies dry !!

Pack reformed and set out to further checks and discovery of “spiky” shiggy and a further water crossing; Pizza decided a swim leg was appropriate! Fcuk he can still talk under water!!

Further travels along lake front and parkland saw the pack home in about the hour; except Old Fart ETA to be advised.

Crowds of hungry Hashers resembling a Roman Colosseum crowd witnessing a good old pack of lions and hyenas eating Jews persuaded the GM to commence Nosh before the late arrival of Old Fart.

Lashings of spicy chicken vegetable curry with accoutrements of raita, desiccated coconut, home-made chutney and tomato / red onion relish soaked up with mountains of fresh Lebanese bread

Desert followed for those stalwarts capable of stuffing hedgehog pie and ice-cream down their greedy cake-holes!

Circled was called some time later.

Returning overseas runners with gifts for the GM grovelled on bended knee into the circle; namely Messrs Sir Slab, Sir Prince and Flasher

Seemingly they had witnessed first hand the latest “facelift” cosmetic surgery and brought back for the GM, R.A. and Booze Master gifts of night-time face masks and a “fairy wand” were duly presented; Nightmare on Elm Street ensued!!!!!!!!!!

Ferrett not to be outdone tried to say he hadn’t unpacked yet and so the GM would have to wait until next week!! Hmmmmm

Other returning runners were Short Circuit and Chris.
GM announced more punishment for unruly behaviour in the Circle by way of a high powered water cannon entrusted to the sergeant -at-Arms; why don’t we just tip a bucket of ice-water over Pizza ????

Run report from Rectum reckoned the run was superb with lots of shiggy, new ground and lots of deceitful checks, score 9/10

Hash Nosh report from Sir Slab (between farts!!) gave a high appreciation of the Nosh and gave it a further 9/10

Rectum gave the Hare (Caustic ) a note

R.A. entered and a Royal Commission proceeded to “weed” out ponsy Hashers who wimped out crossing the pipeline; suffice to say the list was long including Circumference, Flasher, Jigsaw, Rug and Link.

After an hour of playing paper/scissors/stone the winner was declared: Flasher (who got a down down from someone??).

Flasher also got a stiff arm down down for something but complained the stiff arm was for adults and he couldn’t reach the Down Down through the pipe!! When will he grow up???
Sergeant at arms continually fired upon circle offenders with 9 out of 10 offences committed by serial pest Pizza!

Sir Slab was charged by the R.A. for purposely running 2 metres in front of the R.A. and then dropping a down wind fart; a further flatulence charge was levelled against Sir Slab for farting over the food!! Guilty as charged and a down down was sentenced

G.M. resumed and asked Hash to give their special thoughts and respect to the Botcho clan during their difficult times.

End of circle was called by Moonbeams at about 9pm.

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