Run 1777

Run: 1777
Date: Monday 21st November 2011
Hare: Old Fart
Venue: Old Fart Land, Pacific Pines
Runners: 28

Weeks to AGPU: 29
We headed off to Old Fart’s place with not a storm cloud in site, obviously the RA finally had to intervene thus ensuring a potentially dry run. Apparently the Hare did try to set the run on Saturday but the clouds started rolling in, forcing a change of plan and the need to set the run in disguise. Good numbers arrived despite a few of the pack away on their annual boys camping pilgrimage over the border, although I think the term camping may be a bit understated given the equipment this lot packs when they go on tour.
As expected in these parts hills were to play an integral part of the evening and this run was to be no exception. Away we went down the hill then up and down again and running about a kilometre before the trail ran out, the first of a few dodgy on backs.
Back up a side road and down more hills before heading along the bike paths, parkway and towards the infamous Pac Pines pub, no drink stops noted. At this point Rectum joined us in his new company vehicle, but not for a run, just looking for the GM, grovelling no doubt. Onwards we went towards the edge of the Nerang State Forrest with no Mumbles in sight to help us get hopelessly lost.
We continued into the forest and soon diverted off the perfectly good trails that abound in these parts and trudged our way, up a hill, through the dense undergrowth. Again we emerged on the right side of the forest and continued along the streets. All I could hear along most of the run was Caustic and Arseup discussing their Friday night escapades in Surfers, dressed in rain coats and loaded with lollies no doubt given it was Schoolies week.
We finally headed towards home but between where we were and where we had to go stood a rather large hill. And so it was as over the next 20 minutes or so we trudged up and down seemingly endless hills upsetting the local dog population. After 70 minutes the front runners got home and Flasher, who finally managed to stay on trail for 90% of the run still short cutted at the final leg. This was obviously a revenge run for Old Fart for having a late finish at last week’s event.
During the circle Arseup was asked for his run report which was given a good mark of 8/10 despite the hills and getting lost. Sir Rabbit commented on the nosh of Lasagne, bread rolls and ice cream saying it was fine but rabbits need their greens and the nosh lacked this but still got a respectable 7/10. Also Ferret helped out with the Hash Cash duties obviously wanting to fund his next tour of duty, thanks. He also concluded proceedings with a joke, but not before presenting the GM with a gift (wife impersonator) obtained on his recent holiday with the boys.
Thanks also to the guest scribes for their contributions over the past two weeks due to my absence, bloody work will do that you know.

Down Downs:
Nut Cracker, Rainbow, Flatulence; Visitor and returning runners

Gavin (aka) Show Pony; Returning runner and funny name

Prawn Star; Leaving for 2 months to Philippines

Old Fart; Hare

Caustic & Arseup; Friday night escapades

Moonbeams; Something about blowing horn and making Show Pony fall

Two Dogs; Self imposed and fessing up to being absent for 2 weeks, staying in beautiful down town Morayfield

Old Fart; Getting lost on own trail

KB; “Peter Foster” comment to GM

Arseup; 100 runs

Old Fart; POW, awarded by Pizza for being a “good” prick for looking after the trailer

Crocodile; Birthday boy, we await the crownies

On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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